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Love Aikawa love sword

Author: Adam Clair
by Adam Clair
Posted: Jun 12, 2020
love aikawa

Love Aikawa is a fictional character from one of the most viewed anime series Bleach, and Love Aikawa's love sword is one of the series iconic items that fans of the bleach series always wanted to have in their collection. The series bleach is base on sword fights, and every bleach character has its unique fighting style and their unique sword power and techniques like some have the ability to create snow likewise fire and the other form of nature. The first form or the usual form of everyone is the same traditional katana, but when they release their sword power, it takes different shapes and increases the owner's capabilities. Then there are other creatures in the series like hollows, Quincy and Visored. These visored are soul society peoples who undergo some experiment called hollow fixation, a process in which a shinigami turn into a hollow and become a hybrid of both shinigami and hollow. In this process, they gain far superior power than of a shinigami and hollows and are known as vizard hollow. Love Aikawa is one of the other tessai bleach, Mashiro bleach, and hiyori are some members of visored.

Love Aikawa love sword description

Love Aikawa's love sword real name is Tengumaru, which means Long-Nosed Goblin and holds a great deal of power but as of its shape and size. The size is of a standard katana. The blade has seen teeth like pattern Hamon, and the blade's hilt is guard by the love shape guard, and the rest of the hilt is in blue warping, which ends with a copper color end. The sheath of the sword does not match the color of the hilt and has an entirely different color, black, which is beautiful in its way. And Love Aikawa sword is a fire type Zanpakut?, which is feared by the enemies.

The power level and swordplay of Love Aikawa

As the former member of got 13, Love Aikawa was the captain of the 7th division, which shows how skillful he can be. As he is an influential person who is blessed by an enormous amount of power and, in addition, have now the hollow skills which further increase its ability to some extent and make him a powerful opponent to deal with him. His swordplay is also on another level to deal with when the Shiki form is released and takes its shape with the sole purpose of crushing down his enemies with overwhelming force and power.

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