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5 Ways to Make Learning Android Development Easier

Author: Emma Stokes
by Emma Stokes
Posted: Jun 18, 2020

In this blog, we will discover how to learn Android app development programming. If you’re into programming you must be aware of most of the programming rules. However, this blog is more for beginners to help them understand Android and steps to become a professional android developer.

Becoming an Android developer is easy but becoming successful and best into android development is not. It requires a lot of hard work, passion, and perseverance to do great in this job. There aren’t any shortcuts, but if you’re dedicated and willing to put in the efforts you can surely become one of the best in Android programming.

Therefore, to make your learning android development easier and become good in Android development let’s dive into the following steps.

Before you start planning your journey let’s have a basic understanding of the Kotlin language for Android programming.

Check Out Kotlin

Kotlin is a new programming language for Android announced by Google. It is a first-class, cross-platform, general-purpose programming language with type interference. Kotlin is designed in a way to interoperate fully with Java, so studying Kotlin is a necessary step to become a successful Android developer.

Therefore, before you proceed first check Kotlin’s official website, you can see the documentation for Android development and learn ab out the language. It is an important step on your way to becoming a successful Android developer.

Get familiar with Codes and Android Framework Internals

Before you start your career into Android app development take some time out and read the developer’s writings. Spend some time and try to know about their experiences as a developer and their knowledge about programming. The only way to become a successful developer is to read excellent codes of more experienced developers.

Start looking out for open-source apps and libraries to discover about coding techniques and feature implementations that you had no idea about before. All these discoveries will help you when you will see how things work.

Join Android App Development Course

After gathering enough information about Android, its time you look for a good Android app development course. If you’re a beginner you must join a good professional course where you can learn things from scratch. iPhone Development Guide is one of the best professional institutes you will find in Mumbai. It has all the kinds of developer’s available and takes lessons on all kinds of programming languages. The developers here are experienced and provides training courses to both beginners as well as experienced developers.

Start Contributing to Open Source

If you’ve learned to develop a library, plugin or other pieces of code then start creating your own app and consider open-sourcing it. There are many more things to learn in the process of contributing to open-source projects. You can ask your android app development course experts, its an excellent course in open-source development and will exponentially increase your value as a developer.

Learn Clean Coding and Best Android Practices

It may appear a bit difficult in the beginning to maintain the standard coding guidelines of Android development. Therefore you should start practicing it as a beginner developer. In the beginning, it will appear difficult but after spending some hours of practice you will learn all the necessary fundamental android coding guidelines.

To give yourself an edge over other developers and build apps that look good and work well, learn the best practices in your Android app development course . iPhone Development Guide experts are best in this as they carry years of experience in both teaching and building apps. If you’re taking your android app development course from them they will teach you all the do’s and don’ts to help you become a better developer and help you stand out best from the rest.


Its time you start developing your project, take the help of your professional expert if you get stuck. You must apply all that you learned. It will build your confidence and help you developing apps in the future. It is very important to adopt a good architecture for your apps, such as MVP or MVVM. You can separate your apps business logic, view interactions, and data interactions into different layers so that they become easy to manage and test.

Learning good habits early on will make your code clearer and easier. Try and look for the most elegant ways to accomplish your goals and keep things nicely arranged in methods and classes. It will help your code become less complex as you’re just starting out.

If you’re looking for a good Android app development course in Mumbai, contact us. We at iPhone Development Guide have 10+ years of experienced developers available to help you start your career.

If you have any queries and want to know more about the programming and Android app development course, feel free to contact us.

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