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What is Special about Platinum Jewelry?

Author: Sid Kumar
by Sid Kumar
Posted: Jun 19, 2020

Shopping for jewelry is both stressful and fun. Purchasing jewelry is usually a collective decision for any family. Parents will always insist that their daughters buy traditional jewelry that is akin to Indian culture, but modern age women prefer pieces that can be worn daily. This is where the world of platinum jewelry comes into the picture. The jewelry is crafted from the rare and precious metal and is 30 times rarer than gold. Further, the platinum has a natural white color and an understated sheen that makes it the most wearable piece of jewelry one can ever have.

What makes platinum special?

Platinum is the symbol of quality and elegance and is used as an ultimate expression in anniversaries, birthdays, engagements, and weddings. The strength and durability of the metal are well known and is used in color stone jewelry as it gives the best protection to the stones. But how does it fare when it is compared to gold?

Platinum vs. Gold

Studies have revealed that platinum is 30 times rarer than gold and is a naturally occurring element. It is also the least popular of all the precious metals available to mankind. It looks very similar to white gold, and an untrained eye may not distinguish between the two. White gold is yellow gold that has been mixed with other metals and plated with rhodium to make it appear white. Platinum, however, has a natural white color.

If one looks closely at a piece of platinum jewelry, he will notice a satin finish on the surface of the jewelry that develops over time. Many connoisseurs of jewelry are in love with this change of appearance. Again, since platinum is more durable than gold, it is often the most preferred choice of metal for engagement rings. All these factors, along with the hefty price tag, have made platinum special. At present, though, the price difference between gold and platinum is minimal.

Where is platinum mined?

Platinum is mainly mined in countries like Zimbabwe, South Africa, and Russia. It is also found as an essential by-product of processing metals like copper and nickel.

Uses for Platinum

It is hard to believe that 50% of platinum demand is for use in catalytic converters for cars and buses. Platinum is also much in demand in the healthcare sector as it is used in chemotherapy drugs and dental fillings. In the electronics industry, they are used in computer hard disks. Nobody would believe today that platinum was banned for jewelry application till the end of World War II.

Facts of Platinum

When it comes to gold vs. platinum, it goes without saying that platinum jewelry is the newest entrant in this sector. Let us check out some of the facts of this precious metal -

  • Platinum is solid and heavy metal. It has little material loss and weighs almost 60% more than karat gold.
  • It is very pure, and platinum jewelry contains 95% pure platinum.
  • Platinum is scarce. Believe it or not, as many as 10 tons of ore must be mined to produce 1 oz of platinum.
  • Platinum has a rich, white luster that perfectly complements diamonds and other gems.
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