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How To Improve Instagram Engagement 2020

Author: Vivek Padariya
by Vivek Padariya
Posted: Jun 29, 2020
instagram engagement

June 15, 2020 By Admin

post photos instagram filter content creatorsdaily basis How To Improve Instagram Engagement 2020.are here.23 tips for how to improve instagram engagement 2020.

Wondering How To Increase Your Instagram Engagement In 2020? These 23 Tips Are All You Need.


FEBRUARY 6, 2020 – 22 MIN. READ

big accounts social media marketing For Now, Instagram Remains The Sweetheart Of The Social Media Scene For Marketers. And It’s Not Hard To See Why, Since 13% Of Everyone On Earth Is On It, And 80% Of Them Follow Brands.

According To Forrester, Engagement – Measured By Likes, Shares And Comments From Consumers – Is Also Off The Chart, Boasting A Rate Of 4.21%. That’s 10 Times Higher Than Facebook, 54 Times Higher Than Pinterest, And 84 Times Higher Than Twitter.

But Apart From Such Impressive Topline Figures, Challenges Are Emerging That Point To Instagram’s Marketing Potential Dimming Because Of Reduced Engagement Rates And Competition From New Challengers, Such As TikTok.

Against This Backdrop, Proactive Marketers Are Seeking Ways To Increase Instagram Engagement Despite Some Setbacks. That’s Why We Have Put Together These 23 Tips To Ensure Your Paid And Organic Marketing Campaigns Continue To Hit Their Mark – And To Safeguard Your Instagram Marketing Tactics Now And In The Future. Let’s Dive In.

  1. Post Consistently
  2. Don’t Preach—Tell Stories Instead
  3. Build A Strong Brand
  4. Have A Visually Consistent Feed
  5. Choose The Right Hashtags
  6. Create A Branded Hashtag
  7. Focus On User-Generated Content
  8. Explore The Full Range Of Instagram Video Formats
  9. Use Instagram Video Subtitles And Closed Captions
  10. Embrace Instagram AR Filters
  11. Take Advantage Of Instagram’s Video Ad Formats
  12. Give Gifs A Chance
  13. Use Instagram Traffic To Increase Website Traffic
  14. Use SEO To ‘Win’ Instagram
  15. Partner With Micro-Influencers To Create Brand Authenticity
  16. Host An Instagram Contest
  17. Convert Instagram Followers Into Email Subscribers
  18. Embrace Instagram Stories
  19. Add A Link To Instagram Stories
  20. Use Emojis Effectively
  21. Promote Your Instagram Channel On Other Social Accounts
  22. Add CTAs, Everywhere
  23. Track And Learn From Your Best-Performing Instagram Content
1. Post consistently

Brands Need To Be Active In Order To Attract Followers And Boost Engagement Rates – But How Active?

According To Studies, The Sweet Spot Is A Consistent 1-2 Posts A Day. This Way Your Feed Stays Fresh And Relevant, And You Have More Opportunities To Attract Eyeballs To Your Content. Knowing When The Best Time To Post On Instagram Is Is Also Critical Especially When Dealing With Instagram’s Algorithmic Timeline.

Recommended Post Times Can Vary Wildly Depending On Which Expert You Listen To. With Some Advocating 8 AM – 9 AM Or 2 PM – 5 PM For Your First Post To Even 5 AM For Your Second, This Inconsistency Can Create Genuine Confusion For Content Planners.

Just Look At FashionNova And National Geographic. FashionNova, A Global Online Fashion Retailer, Posts On Average 30 Times Per Day—That’s About One Post Every 30 Minutes! This Might Sound Like An Overkill, But The Brand’s 17.3M Followers Don’t Seem To Think So. With This Many Followers, The Engagement Rate Is 0.07%.

Posting Up To 30 Times Per Day Has Ensured That The Target Audience Sees At Least A Few Of Fashion Nova’s Posts Every Day. | Source: Instagram/FashionNova

National Geographic, On The Other Hand, Relies On A Much More Conventional Strategy: The Brand Posts Up To 5-7 Times Per Day. With 135M Followers, Their Engagement Rate Of 0.24% Is A Big Success.

Source: Instagram/National Geographic

The Takeaway? Two Wildly Successful Brands, Two Very Different Strategies.

So, There’s No Magic Bullet For The Best Time Or Amount To Post On Instagram.

What You Should Do Is Uncover Your Own Followers’ Instagram Habits By Using The Insights Feature Of Your Instagram Business Or Creator Account.

This Helps You Identify When Your Followers Are Most Active And Allows You To Schedule Accordingly, Ensuring Your Posts Continue To Appear At The Top Of Their Feeds.

Use Instagram’s Native Analytics Tool To See What Times And Days Your Followers Are Most Active, And More.

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2. Don’t preach – tell stories instead

Instagram Is Awash With Mediocre Brand Messaging That Forgets The Social Network Is Supposed To Be A ‘Visual Inspiration Platform’.

You Should Captivate Audiences Through Images, Video, And Text, Not Simply Preach Marketing Missives At Them.

To Increase Engagement Rates, Become A Storyteller Instead, Offering ‘Micro-Stories’ Via Your Captions, Videos, Instagram Stories And Profile.

People Today Crave Connection, And Storytelling Is A Way To Create This Experience. When People Feel An Emotional Connection To Your Content, They Are Much More Likely To Buy Into It And Share It With Their Peers.

For Inspiration, Follow Innovative Instagram Storytellers Such As Airbnb, Red Bull, Lego, Patagonia, And Nike. You Can Also View These Examples To Help Kickstart Your Creativity.

One Way To Insert Elements Of Storytelling Into Your Instagram Strategy Is By Sharing User-Generated Content That Resonates With Your Brand. Another Way Is To Focus On Telling A Story With Your Captions.

Longer Captions With Elements Of Storytelling And Authenticity Are Particularly Powerful Because They Enable Brands To Appear More Human And Build Deeper Connections With Their Target Audience. Done Right, Wordy Captions Also Stop Scrollers In Their Tracks And Increase The Time They Spend Looking At Your Post.

Long Captions Have Become A Bit Of A Trend Recently, First Adopted By Influencers Who Use Instagram Captions Like Micro-Blogs.

?In Addition To Being A Trend, Long Captions Are A Part Of A Larger Shift Towards Authenticity, And Bring Added Credibility To A Platform Long Criticized For Being Too Superficial.

Brands Are Slowly Picking Up On This Shift.

Take Patagonia As An Example. The Sustainable Outerwear Brand Is A Master Of Storytelling, Its Account Teeming With Content About The Environment, Nature And Outdoor Sports.

In This Example, Patagonia Opted For An Insightful Caption About The Protection Of Indigenous Areas In Canada.

?Airbnb Is Another Example Of Great Storytelling. The Brand Uses Stories To Showcase Interesting Hosts, Experiences And Locations.

Source: Instagram/Airbnb

The Lesson? Don’t Just Post Product Pictures And Sales Pitches—Provide Content That Aligns With What Your Audience Cares About Or Help Them With Their Problems. Do It Well By Embracing Different Content Formats, Such As Stories, IGTV, Videos, Photos, And Captions.

3. Build a strong brand

Clarity, Creativity And Consistency Are King For Enterprises Aiming To Build Brand Awareness On Instagram. An Erratic, Haphazard Approach Just Doesn’t Work.

Try To Focus On Core Areas Like Presenting Your Profile, Creating Style Patterns That Keep Your Images Looking Fresh, And Mastering Hashtag Use. You Should Also Be Interacting Regularly With Your Followers To Build Up Engagement And Loyalty.

By Roadmapping Your Processes And Brand Best Practices For Instagram, You Can Present A Positive And Consistent Brand To Your Target Audience.

4. Have a visually consistent Instagram feed

Instagram Is A Visually-Driven Platform That Rewards Aesthetically Pleasing Content.

Although Glossy Perfection Is Falling Out Of Style, The Heart Of Instagram Is Visual Content And That Will Never Change.

Today, Users Gravitate Towards Authentic Expression And Diverse Perspectives.

Visually, High-Saturation Filters And Perfectly-Positioned Avocado Toasts Have Been Replaced With Candid Shots, Muted, Earthy Tones And A Low-Key Editing Style.

A Popular Look Is To Reduce Highlights And Increase The Brightness Of Photos, Without Touching The Colors Themselves Too Much, Resulting In A Natural Look. Some People Even Go For A "No-Edit Edit".

But More Important Than Following Any Specific Editing Style Is To Have A Visually Consistent Feed.

According To A WebDam Social Media Report, 60% Of The Best-Performing Brands On Instagram Have A Consistent Look Every Time They Post.

Your Look Should Match With Your Brand Identity And Appeal To The Audience You’re Trying To Attract.

Take The Five Minute Journal As An Example. Their Feed Evokes A Feeling Of Calm, Thoughtful Reflection—Just Like Their Brand.

Source: Instagram/Five Minute Journal

Glossier, On The Other Hand, Is Consistent And Authentic By Posting Product Photos, Closeups And Memes That Are Candid And Natural. Without Fancy Editing And Professional Photoshoots, Their Content Seems Down-To-Earth And Approachable.

Source: Instagram/Glossier

To Achieve A Consistent Look (Whether You’re Going For A Polished Feel Or The No-Edit Edit), Using Photo Editing Apps Like VSCO Cam And Adobe Lightroom Is Key. Vintage Camera Apps, Such As Huji Cam, Which Purposefully Add Grain And Dust To Your Photos Can Also Give You An Enviable Aesthetic, Popular Especially With Gen Z.

5. Choose the right hashtags

Selecting The Best Hashtags For Your Instagram Posts Can Mean The Difference Between Appearing As A Top Post Or Sinking To The Bottom Of The Feed Without A Trace.

Make Your Hashtags Too Generic – Think #Christmas Or #Fashion – And Your Post Will Face Competition From Potentially Millions Of Others. Instead, Use A Mix Of Trending And Industry-Specific Hashtags To Find The Best Hashtag To Connect With Your Targeted Followers.

For The Best Results, Research Each Hashtag. Look At The Type Of Content And The Number Of Likes On Its Top-Performing Posts—If Your Content Matches Up, You’ve Got Yourself A Winning Hashtag.

Remember That Instagram’s Algorithm Penalizes "Spammy" Behavior, So Vary The Number And Type Of Hashtags You Use To Reduce The Chances Of This Happening.

Likewise, Make Sure The Hashtags You Choose Are Truly What They Seem. Some Brands Have Ended Up In Embarrassing Situations When They’ve Innocently Used Hashtags That Actually Belonged To Some Of The Internet’s Weirder Communities.

6. Create a branded hashtag

A Branded Hashtag Is Often A Key Part Of A Successful Instagram Marketing Strategy.

The Best Starting Point Is A General Branded Hashtag. It Should Be Short, Memorable And Include Your Brand Name In Some Form. Think #FrankEffect From Frank Body Or #ColourPopMe From Colour Pop Cosmetics.

The Benefits Of A Branded Hashtag Are To Make Your Content More Discoverable, Drive Traffic To Your Profile And Creating A Stronger Community Around Your Brand. It Will Also Help You Organize Your Content, Making It Easily Findable And Trackable.

Place The Hashtag In Your Bio, So That It’s Easily Visible To Anyone Visiting Your Profile.

And No One Says You Have To Have Just One Hashtag. You Can Also Create Hashtags For A Specific Campaign Or Competition, Showcase Brand Advocates Or Encourage User-Generated Content.

Take The Athleisure Brand Athleta As An Example. The Brand Opted For The Hashtag #PowerofShe, Which Fits Right In With Its Mission Of Empowering Women.

Source: Instagram/@Athelta

Another Example Is The Furniture Retailer West Elm And Its Hashtag #Mywestelm. The Hashtag Encourages User-Generated Content By Promising To Share The Best Shots.

Source: Instagram/@Westelmuk

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June 15, 2020 By Admin post photos instagram filter content creatorsdaily basis How To Improve Instagram Engagement 2020.are here.23 tips for how to improve instagram engagement 2020.

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