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Easy DIY Ways to Clean Delicate Your Wooden Ship Kits

Author: Andrew Anten
by Andrew Anten
Posted: Jul 02, 2020

Dusting a model ship isn’t difficult but it indeed requires a lot of time, patience, and efforts to clean up every minute detail of such craftsmanship. Although, it will be the best if you could prevent it from getting dirty in the first place by putting it in display cases, but still no need to worry in case your subtle wooden ship kits got some dust to brush off. Here are some easy DIY ways to help you remove every dust and dirt while ensuring the safety of the ship model-

Air Compressors

If the ship model is covered with light layers of dust, then it is recommended to use a good quality air compressor for cleaning purposes. There is an array of compressors available in the market in different forms such as shop air compressors, handy compressors for computer keyboards, etc. You need to be careful with your choice here because many air compressors release strong air blasts, which can damage the ship model. One easy and reliable source of compressed air is an airbrush. You can easily handle it, easily vary the air pressure as and when needed while keeping the ship safe. Just run the airbrush on the ship model like you painting, and it will get the bigger dust particles off of your model ship kit.

Paint Brushes

In case your wooden ship kits have very detailed craftsmanship, then air compressors could cause damage. In such a case, using a paintbrush is the best way to remove dust off-model shops. You can start with large paintbrushes and work your way down to smaller sizes depending upon the size of dust particles.


Back to basics! You can try this traditional, very old and reliable measure to wipe the dust down. You can easily clean small parts but might face challenges in cleaning out tight areas with cloths. It works well for the large areas of the ship model such as the hull, etc. but other parts need more precise tools. However, if a cloth is all you have for cleaning, then just be extra careful and go for it. Just use a soft fabric to avoid any kind of scratches and try cleaning with dry clothes to avoid getting dust particle go deep in the detailing. You may clean the ship model using web clothes once you remove all dust and dirt particles depending upon the delicacy of your ship model. Some model ship kits come with cleaning instructions, and it is advisable to follow that.

Cleaning Agents

Cleaning agents aren’t generally advisable unless you have old ship models that have been out in a dirty environment for years without any maintenance. Depending on the material of your wooden ship kits, and level of grime, you need to find a cleaning agent, and run a small patch test. You may not see any immediate effect, check it again to see if there is any long-term impact. If you do not see any, you can use that cleaning agent to clean your ship model. Always keep in mind, you will need to do a patch test every time you clean a different shop model because such agents react differently with different materials.

Bottom Line

Cleaning a ship model kit is indeed very challenging, but necessary as well to maintain the appearance. It is important to select the right kind of cleaning agent, and cleaning tool to not only remove the dust and dirt from the ship model, but to also improve its life. If you have any kind of cleaning instruction guide to follow then go for it, otherwise it is advisable to keep the delicacy of the ship model in mind during the cleaning process. If possible, put the model ship kit in covered display cases to avoid deposition of any dust in first place.
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