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9 study skills that can help in the successful examination

Author: Greenwood Schools
by Greenwood Schools
Posted: Jul 04, 2020

The best way to get good marks in an examination is how you prepare your course procedure such as the pre-exam and preparation period. Because courses can last for at least a few months to a year. It might be difficult to concentrate on your daily assignments, homework, and your final exams. To get good marks in your examination, start to prepare how to deal with the academic work done throughout the year for exam preparation. In CBSE school, the syllabus will be vast, so you have to be prepared beforehand itself.

Here are some strategies that can help you keep up the pace throughout the year and ensure success in the examinations.

Goal setup: Read the subject overview to understand the subject, what are the topics to be covered, and how to get a good score. Identifying your goal will help to concentrate on your studies and help you to manage your time. CBSE schools with IIT coaching will make their students set goals.

Time management: Time management is the key concept in examination preparation. This skill can help you to control the workload, decrease distractions, remove the stress out of your head, and help to achieve more. With time management we can make time work with your alternately against you. You can purchase a study planner or an academic diary. You have to find out the dates of assignments, tests, exams, and mark them in your study planner in advance. This will help you to avoid any social commitment during exams.

Learning style identification: Take a self-knowledge assessment test to find your if you are a Kinesthetic, visual, or auditory learner. This assessment can help you to make use of your time. Remember that your learning style might be different from your friends and family. Adapting to your study technique that suits your own natural style will help you to bring out the best results in less time. Schools that make their students make their unique learning style will be in the top 5 CBSE schools in Warangal.

Study plan design: For each subject decide how much time you need to spend at home in order to do well and keep up in the subject. Plan a study schedule that helps you to take control of your academic workload.

Keep up with reading: In your school, you have to be up to date to make yourself successful. When you attend your classes without reading the previous class notes that makes you lose a valuable opportunity in understanding the present class.

Develop effective note-taking techniques: You have to develop a unique and effective style of note-taking technique that can help you to record important information. This can help you in the time of exams by which you can spend less time on each subject that gives you the advantage to revise the subjects.

Attend classes regularly: Be an attentive listener. Attend classes daily and be active in the class. Interact with the teachers about that subject that could help to remember the topic for longer periods of time. The best CBSE school in Warangal has a strict attendance policy that will make all the students attend school regularly.

Surround yourself with learning: Create a learning environment at your home by putting a important points and charts where you can see them daily. Like the fridge, bedside table, mirrors, dining table, etc. if possible but a whiteboard and note down important points that will help you in recalling the subject at any time. You can also paste images to trigger your memory.

Study with concentration: it is all about interest. One hour of concentrated study is equal to several hours of distracted ones. If you learn how to study with concentration, you can achieve good results.

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