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Understand Immigration Points for New Zealand!

Author: Saleem Naqwi
by Saleem Naqwi
Posted: Jul 05, 2020

Before applying to immigration, it is essential to understand the points, and gathering information is a must. At the same time, it is necessary to gain knowledge from a trusted source like the most trusted Immigration Consultants in Dubai.

Immigration to New Zealand is based on a point system, the working of which is simple if you earn more points, the higher are the chances of getting a permanent residency, or New Zealand work visa.

Let's understand the New Zealand point system:

The point system in New Zealand is useful for applying skilled migration categories that permanently allow skilled workers to settle in the country.

  • The point will tell you about the following:
  • The chances of migration for the skilled migrant visa category
  • The aspects in which you're lagging behind
  • The process you're required to follow.

The factors essential for the application that can help you score faster;

  1. 1. Age

Every country has an age factor, and New Zealand gives prime importance to this factor as it wants to maintain its population growth. The following is the point system for age:

  • 30 points under 20-39 age
  • 20 points under 40-44 age
  • 10 points under 45-49 age
  • 5 points under 50-55 age

No points beyond the age of 55 will be provided.

  1. 2. Skilled employment:

The point system for this section is as follows:

  • 50 points if you have an offer of skilled employment in New Zealand
  • 50 points if you are currently working in a skilled occupation in New Zealand
  1. 3. Educational points:

The New Zealand government wants people who are qualified to enter their country and according to their standards.

You will receive the below-mentioned points if your degree falls under the specific criteria

  • 70 points if you have a Masters or Ph.D. degree holder
  • 50 points if you have a bachelor's degree or bachelor’s degree with honors holder
  • 40 points if you have a trade diploma degree

Bonus points are awarded for:

  • 15 points for two years of full-time study in New Zealand
  • 20 points if your partner holds a master’s degree
  • 10 points if your partner holds a graduate degree

Bonus points are also given for:

  • Your occupation lies in an area of absolute skills shortage you will receive 10 points
  • If you're employed outside the region of Auckland, you will earn 10 points
  • If your income is double than New Zealand median income than you will earn 20 points
  • If your partner ha as a skilled job or job offer you will earn 20 points
  1. 4. Points based on work experience:
  • 10 points for experience in between 1-3 years
  • 20 points for experience in between 4-5 years.
  • 30 points for experience in between 6-7 years.
  • 40 points for experience in between 8-9 years.
  • 50 points if the experience is ten years.

If the work experience is in the area of absolute skills shortage, then:

  • 10 points for 2-5 years.
  • 15 points for six years or more.

Please make sure to contact the experts before calculating the score many candidates do it in a wrong way. And it is always better to contact the highly credible immigration consultants in Dubai for guidance. They will guide you for grading your score as well as for the New Zealand work visa.

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