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CPanel License

Author: Web Hosting
by Web Hosting
Posted: Jul 06, 2020
cpanel license

If we go back in June 2019, we will see the big announcement made by cPanel about a significant increment in cPanel pricing. That has been effective now since September 2019. cPanel also announced the big change in cPanel license issuing structure that ultimately affected the whole procedure of cpanel license, fixed cost for unlimited accounts has been replaced to the new cPanel pricing, a certain amount up to 100 accounts and then per account cPanel pricing has been applied. Too many debates have been undergoing for cheap cPanel license and trying to search the ways to bring down the cPanel pricing and making it a cheap cPanel license like before especially for web hosting providers though, it looks hard now to find the cheap cPanel license. Navicosoft can help you a lot to make the costly cPanel license a cheap cPanel license. Being a cPanel Partner now, Navicosoft saves you a big amount on cPanel pricing which will make your license a cheap cPanel license. The following table is showing the Navicosoft’s cPanel pricing and its new procedure.

Cheap cPanel license, cPanel at low rates, Cheap cPanel license purchase is now made easy by Navicosoft, a certified seller of cPanel license and can provide service at low rates.

Navicosoft selling best quality cPanel license at very low rates. Navicosoft is also a certified cPanel seller that can provide you best service at low rates.

License for cPanel is an important is really important. And there are many buyers out there in the market for that purpose trying to catch your attention. Making decision for cPanel license buying is hard. But Navicosoft has got all answers to your problems. Navicosoft has cPanel license at very affordable rates. cPanel license is very essential to be purchased. cPanel license purchase suitable for you depends on the hosting server you have. cPanel and WHM have usually same features and characters for dedicated as well as VPS licenses.

Importance of buying the right cPanel license for your server

It is necessary to note that you need to buy the right cPanel license for your server. Since Navicosoft is certified in cPanel license providing, it can provide you with the best services and at very low rates than the market. cPanel and WHM dedicated license version is designed in a way to get installed on a dedicated bare metal server whose hardware is totally allocated and dedicated for performing operations of machine.

VPS, cPanel and WHM working

It is better to begin with VPS or cloud server as they are less costly than the dedicated server. While installing, cPanel, WHM and VPS optimize the initial configuration of the processors as well as of the memory in a virtual environment. cPanel allows you a very easy administration of your very own web server.

Navicosoft providing purchase of cPanel with bitcoins

Navicosoft has made it even easier and it allows you to purchase cPanel with even through bitcoins. Navicosoft provides you very cheap cPanel license with best services. Navicosoft gives you proper counselling regarding taking the cPanel license that fulfills all your requirements and fit your needs.

Immediate cPanel license activation

To avoid scams, frauds and unnecessary high price for a cPanel you need to have proper that Navicosoft can provide you at any time just to make sure that you purchase the right cPanel. Moreover you can get your license instantly active right after your purchase.
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If you are wondering about the best cheap cPanel license to purchase, then it is time to get in touch with a cPanel license provider and ask their best customer representative about it.

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