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Cracking the Competitive Exams: Things No One Will Tell You

Author: Sivanand Aca
by Sivanand Aca
Posted: Jul 07, 2020
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In today’s competitive world, our life majorly revolves around finding a job, getting a job, and doing a job. And for the majority of the cases, this cycle starts from clearing a competitive exam. For most of us, it is a big deal to crack these monster seeming exams. But then how do the one who clears them succeed in doing so? Do they have some magic wands? Or are they exceptional? Well, none of these. It is just that they keep certain things in their mind throughout the process.

In this article, we will make you friendly with many tips and suggestions that will surely take you ahead of others. After all, it’s all about making your place in the selected number of seats.

  1. Finding your "why"- whether it be getting name and fame or earning a huge salary or earning that uniform you always visualized yourself wearing or maybe just for the sake of getting a job and being more secured. It could be anything or everything but should be enough to keep you motivated throughout the process. This "why" is your reason to fight your battle.
  2. Always know the demand of the exam- every exam demands something out of its candidates. Know that demand properly because this is the path you need to walk on. It helps in making up your mind according to the exam’s need and imbibing all that is required.
  3. Make the syllabus your dear friend- don’t you know everything about your best friend? You remember all about them even if you are asked while you are asleep. Similarly, it is utmost important that you know the syllabus by heart for the exam you are appearing in. This is helpful in helping you avoid reading anything irrelevant or out of the syllabus. Since, you only have limited time in your hand; you need to make the best out of it. Focus only on what "matters".
  4. Get your resources on your table- from the required books, notes, stationary items (including bookmarks, maps, atlas, etc.) to getting a WI-FI connection (if required); make sure you are well equipped with all the necessary items.
  5. How much do you lie in the water- when you are aware of the demand of the exam, be honest to yourself and know how much your current knowledge is on the subject. Will you be able to do it on your own? Accordingly, either join a coaching institute or online coaching or decide to stick to only self study. Also, become a member of groups on social media where you find other serious participants who engage in healthy discussions and doubt clarification.
  6. No substitute for hard work- in these highly competitive exams, your hard work is the only certainty you can have faith on. Put in the best you have. Do not leave any stone unturned. Do not let anything make you regret later.
  7. Practice previous year’s paper thoroughly- do this to an extent that if any previous year question pops up in front of you, the only time you take is to read the question and tick the correct answer. Remember them forever!
  8. Get ready for the ups and downs- it is no secret that this journey of yours will be filled with numerous ups and downs. But, be accepting and aware of all of them. Let them not take much of your time to take you off track from your preparation.
  9. Have your friends /family to pour out your sorrows- there will be times when you just want someone to listen to you. You want them to motivate you and up your morale. They will remind you of your potential and worth, of your previous achievements and success. They are like the lifeboats to you. As important as the preparation, we need them for emotional strength.
  10. Have patience and perseverance- no matter you put your 100% and work really hard, it is a sure possibility that you may fail. Then what? Then you start again. You respect and have faith in yourself and the process. Quitting should never be an option. Remember why you started at the first place and get back to your plan again. Losing hope will do no good, but keeping patience will lead you to your goal. Remind yourself of all those things you will achieve once you clear it.

So, this was a "not-to-forget-list" when you decide to step on the huge race of competitive exams. And your only motive is to finish this race with whatever you have got to prove. Hope you keep these in mind and let us know your success stories. Because we believe you will have them very soon! For any exam details visit our website

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