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Are 45 days enough to prepare for IELTS?

Author: Aditi Singh
by Aditi Singh
Posted: Jul 14, 2020

International English Language Testing System or IELTS is a different exam as it tests skills instead of knowledge. And for this reason, it requires a different approach. Joining IELTS classes in Rudrapur is advisable.

Let’s see whether a 45-day study plan is sufficient for IELTS preparation

We’ll begin with understanding the test format

The IELTS test has four parts – Listening (L), Reading (R), Writing (W) and Speaking (S). While the first three parts allow 3 hours to answer the questions, the last part that is S is only of 15 minutes.


The L test consists of 40 questions and it lasts for 40 minutes. It contains four recordings of native English speakers and the students are asked questions related to those recordings. And the recordings could be about a conversation on everyday social contexts, a speech about local facilities, a teacher discussing an assignment with a student and a university lecture.

How you answer the questions will show your understanding of the main idea of discussion, the opinion of speakers, the objective of utterance and your ability to prove your findings.


It also consists of 40 questions based on extracts from books, magazines, newspapers, notices and advertisements and different types of publications you can find in an English-speaking country. The objective of the test is to determine your reading skills that lead to comprehending logical argument and understanding opinions and attitudes of the writers.


This test consists of two tasks.

In the first task, you will be asked to explain a given situation or draft a letter requesting information on the situation. Also, the letter should be in a specific writing style like personal, semi-formal and formal.

The second task will involve explaining an argument or a point of view in the form of an essay. And it could be personal in writing style.


This test will assess your English-speaking skills and for assessment, you will be first asked general questions about yourself and the you will be asked to choose a topic and answer questions related to the topic. In the third part, there will be more questions about the second part.

Are 45 days sufficient for IELTS preparation?

45-day is the standard time an average student needs for IELTS preparation. If your level of English language is below average that is Band 3-4 then you will need more time to prepare the IELTS. But if you are at Band 5 then you can do well within 7 weeks.

45-day IELTS preparation plan

Studying 2 hours every day for 7 weeks is more than sufficient to prepare for IELTS. Also, you can keep the first four weeks for the major components of the test and the use the remaining three weeks for doing grammar and vocabulary exercises.

Final thoughts

Whether you are able to prepare for IELTS in 45 days depends on some parameters including your level of English and the amount of time invested on preparation. Joining IELTS classes in Rudrapur to boost your preparation is advisable.

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