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5 Romantic Gift Items for Your Jewish Girlfriend

Author: John Alex
by John Alex
Posted: Jul 12, 2020

Jews culture has its own traditional and unique garments and symbols like tzitzit, tallit, hamsa, mezuzah that has represented their culture and lifestyle throughout history. If you are dating a Jewish woman, it would be really romantic to gift her something from her culture in the next Jewish holiday or in any special occasion.

Romantic Gift Items to Surprise your girlfriend

Below are some ideas for gifts for your girlfriend.

1. Jewellery

Honestly, who doesn't love jewellery? The most commonly used Jews symbols for jewellery are the Star of David, hamsa, and Israeli Eretz Pendens. Star of David and Eretz’s styles look really chic. You can choose from pendants, earrings, and rings with gold, diamond, and different metals at a variable range of prices at

2. Chanukah Menora

For the occasion of Hanukkah, there is no better gift than Chanukah Menora i.e. a gorgeous candelabrum that Jews use for prayers during Shabbat and holidays and in synagogues. Menorahs can be of different styles and look. You can give either a colourful floating menorah or the classic 9-handle menorah or if you want to give something more decorative you can turn to laser-cut flat menorahs that are elegant and have colourful background designed with artistic laser-cut with the stand base.

3. Hamsa Decoration

For Jews, hamsa or hand of Mariam is a representation of the protection from the "evil". The open right hand and the inscribed biblical prayers bring its owner blessings and good fate. Hamsa decoration has an incredibly wide range. It can be made from parchment paper, clay, glass, metals. It looks really good as wall hangings. From subtlety designed hamsa wall hangings, amulets to a colorful design with laser-cut look beautiful also as interior decor.

4. Mezuzah

If your girlfriend believes strongly in her religion she would always love to have extra mezuzahs around the house. Mezuzah is originated in rabbinic Judaism as a mitzvah to put god's words on the doorposts to remind you of the positiveness and blessings of life and the God. Mezuzah is basically a parchment paper inscribed with prayers in a beautiful decorative case.

The popular decorations are the tree of life, Jerusalem designs, and biblical quotes. It can be made of anything from silver, gold, wood, fiber, steel. A beautiful Mezuzah case is something that will always come handy for your girlfriend.

5. Siddurim

Different siddur may be used in Ashkenazi, Hispanics and mizrahims. If your girlfriend goes to prayer regularly it will be great to gift her handy siddurim according to her preference for the style of the letters, translations. Having her own prayer book for synagogues will always make her jovial.


Make your girlfriend’s dream come true by gifting her elegant items which she might be looking for. You can find more items like headscarves, challah cover, siddurim, Kiddush cups which are also really great items to buy your girlfriend.

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