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Why Knowing Swift Is Important for Every iOS App Developer?

Author: Emma Stokes
by Emma Stokes
Posted: Jul 16, 2020

Swift is a highly intuitive programming language for iOS and OS X applications. Swift embraces safe programming patterns with additional modern features to make programming easier, more flexible, and much more fun.

Learning iOS with Swift is friendly to new programmers, it is an industrial quality system programming language that allows programmers to experiment with Swift code and see results instantly without the overhead of building and running apps. Swift programming language has innovative features that make Swift programming expressive and pleasurable to work with. iOS Swift not only supersede Objective-C when it comes to developing apps but also replaces C for embedded programming on Apple platforms.

Top Features of Swift Programming Language

Open Source

Swift application development creators acknowledged that in order to build a defining programming language, technology needs to be open for all. Therefore, within the three years of Swift’s existence, the language acquired a large supportive community and an abundance of third-party tools. Swift is dedicated to the open-source community, it is made with source code, bug tracker, mailing lists, and normal development lists.

The swift organization provides a Linux version of Swift, along with a specific Linux toolset that contains package manager support, LLDB debugger, and REPL. Using Swift language you can easily build apps for iOS, OS X, tvOS, and watchOS. iOS with Swift makes application development safer and faster and make programming more enjoyable.

Advancement in Syntax

Swift programming language’s new syntax features offer the developers to write more expressive code. The SDKs have used new Objective-C features such as null-ability and generics explanations to make the codes cleaner and safer.

Interactive Playgrounds

Swift Playgrounds are beneficial to professional developers. The use of Swift Playground allows developers to test out new graphics or algorithm routines without having to build an entire iPhone application. Apple had also added inline code execution to playgrounds that help programmers to write an algorithm or create a large number of codes while getting feedback along the way. This feedback look ultimately helps in boosting the speed of writing the codes. It also contains comments that use bullets lists in addition to the embedded images and links.


The use of Swift help programmers removing the entire groups of unsafe code. For example, integers are checked for overflow, variables are always initialized before used, and memory is handled automatically. Therefore, as soon a programmer will write an incorrect code it will show a compiler code and programmer will immediately get to know about it. It helps the programmers saving their time and money that will spend on fixing the errors.

Objective-C Interoperability

iOS with Swift is compatible with Objective-C, it allows programmers to make projects that involve files written in either language. Using Swift language, programmers can also build up applications that have mixed-language codebase. Swift programmers can implement elements of the app’s functionality by using Swift’s latest features and add it effortlessly back into your existing Objective-C codebase.

Benefits of Using Swift

  • Swift’s new features make Swift programming a high-performing and secured source of developing apps. It offers programmers a bunch of benefits like -

  • Swift codes are easy to read, write, and understand.

  • Swift applications are easier to maintain.

  • Creating applications using Swift is safer, it eliminates all the possibilities of errors and bugs in your programs.

  • The use of Swift decreases the amount of code, eliminates repetitive statements as well as string manipulation.

To Sum Up

Swift with its mart features has the potential to become the defacto programming language. Therefore, iOS with Swift is indeed an important language for developing high-performing and secured apps.

If you’re interested in iOS app development and want to learn iOS with Swift then contact us. We at iPhone Development Guide has more than 10+ years of experience developers available to help you become a successful iOS app developer.

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