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Noonlight App- all you need to know about this Safety App

Author: Techugo Agency
by Techugo Agency
Posted: Jul 19, 2020

The world is full of unexpected incidents and unpredictable situations. There is always a chance that we would require emergency assistance. In such situations, safety applications like Noonlight have a huge role to play. Today let us explore some of the interesting facts about it.

App technology has been able to give us the confidence to complete a variety of tasks without even breaking a sweat. Now there are apps that can save us from complicated and unsafe situations. Let us learn more about one of them.

Introduction To Noonlight App

SafeTrek was available for the users since 2013, but in 2017, it got rebranded as Noonlight.

This is the application that protects its user on-the-go or delivers safety when at home. It is a great way to boost confidence and enable a safe environment around us. While walking through a dark area, one can open the app and hold down the blue button. Once the user lets go of that button, the application asks for a pin, that has to be entered within 10 seconds. In case the time limit exceeds, and pin has not been entered, a call is triggered that goes straight to the police.

The dispatchers will then alert the police present near the location, and provide them with your details like name, medical identification, location, etc. A lot of people use it at home in order to avoid theft. It is simple to connect the application to the smart home's sensors. This helps in the case of the fire, as it can easily detect smoke.

Noonlight is fit for situations where one can use an extra set of security. It is better to be prepared and equipped for the unknown scenarios. This safety app secures us from potentially unsafe circumstances. It triggers the call to the police in case of mishappening.

It is easy to disable the function after you reach home safely by entering the pin. This application becomes the voice for the people in potential threats when they are unable to make a call to the police. It simply tracks and transfers the immediate location to the emergency services so that they can reach you as quickly as possible. It utilizes the value of time in such critical situations and doesn't waste even a second in taking action.

It uses GPS location present on the smartphone in order to dispatch EMS to the location. This completely transforms the general situation where the person in distress has to call 911. Here there is no need to speak to an operator. In case the user sets a false alarm, they have a total of 10 seconds to enter the personal pin.

While taking a cab, one can simply add Noonlight as a trusted contact. Then just by sharing the ride with the app, it empowers the users as it can share all your details with the police in one go.

Noonlight's aim is to comfort and protect its users from danger and help them to live freely. It supports more than 2 million people and helps its users to walk safely from one location to another. Now, this app has become an emergency response APIs that operates in a variety of verticals like-

  • Smart homes
  • Health
  • Lifestyle products

It is easy to integrate it with Apple Watch and relish the services it delivers.

How Does Noonlight Safety App Help Its User Base

Let us take a look further to understand how this application functions to deliver safety to its user base. Take a look-

  • Gets connected with other devices and apps for better services during an emergency.
  • With just a single tap, it silently sends out the location.
  • Allows the users to save details of people that they are going to meet.
  • Lets the user to add friends to the network, to ensure safety.

Emergency Response APIs

Let us learn about its full-service emergency response APIs-

  • Data routed to the first responders
  • Flexible pricing meets the needs of different companies
  • One can add professional monitoring with some lines of code
  • It saves more than 99% of fake alarm

How Does It Help First Responders?

It is time to expand our understanding of the different ways in which Noonlight empowers first responders and PSAPs. Take a look-

The high-tech technology that this application uses stop almost 99% of the false alarms. The analytics and the certified agents remove the scope of false alarm before contacting the police.

  • It requires no cost for the setup.
  • The quality data sends the details quickly to the first responders.
  • With the help of a web URL, one can easily initiate two-way communication.
  • It can send real-time location updates.


This is all you need to know about Noonlight. It is indeed a remarkable safety app that is ameliorating the market's curiosity in this specific domain. It is the most promising example of how the Internet of Things is changing the way in which we monitor the world around us. Mobile app technology is clearly shaping the way we execute our day to day operations. It is making it easy for users to get access to necessary services.

That is the reason why the market is observing this trend closely. If you want to establish a strong foundation of your safety app, then reach out to TECHUGO for more details about the development. Until then stay hooked to this space for more information.

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