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What Makes Drupal 8 The Best and Popular CMS For Website Owners

Author: Cleonix Technologies
by Cleonix Technologies
Posted: Jul 20, 2020

Drupal is a popular CMS and with more and more business owners using CMS platforms to build up their sites and manage their web content. It is gathering more popularity nowadays, but the fact remains that not all CMS platforms have gained such popularity like Drupal and are capable of winning the attention of business owners. So what is the magic behind its rich popularity and why do website owners would like to use this CMS?

Here in this blog let’s search for the answer to the above question and at the same time help you to identify the signature features of Drupal 8 CMS development. Drupal 8 comes with features and improvisations on the previous one and here are some top listed features that make content management easier.

Drupal 8 Uses Latest Theme Engine:

Drupal 8 development platform stands upon the new theming motors that are called Twig which is dependent on PHP. It is quick and adaptable and also secure. It is not used to compose stylish websites, but it helps to build up practical websites as the layouts are written in a specific language structure that is on the PHP formats. The development of the Drupal CMS website is easy with this feature.

Quick Edit Option:

With the quick edit option, you can make the required changes to the content of the website from the end itself. This Drupal option helps to change any web content object in-place. You don’t have to look at the backend for making any changes to the content entities and in the default mode, small forms are used to edit the fields. For a better future experience, the modules can be used to optimize in-place editors. No forms are needed for editing the simple text fields and even the body fields can be edited.

Mobile First:

With mobile becoming a part and parcel of communication and to keep connected with the users, it is important to stay responsive and this is what Drupal 8does for its users. You can now create responsive websites that are easily adjusted to different screen sizes which can be accessed from everywhere. The tables can also fit into the screen and the user’s toolbar also works without any flaw on the mobile devices.


With Drupal 7, it was difficult to install the multilingual version as many other modules were needed to make it function properly. But with Drupal 8 Core, you can now easily make use of the 4 main modules like the Language, Interface translation, Content translation, configuration translation. You can easily translate your website by using these modules and the multilingual feature comes as a part of automatic downloads and updates and the free positioning of the language selector. An overview screen is also provided for the translators.

Configuration Management:

Drupal 8 development also comes along with the setup management that is incorporated with the whole record system level that the specific arrangement components like fields, content sort, perspectives and etc. to the server are undisturbed. You can form a control system to overview the diverse arrangement changes and the information is stored in records that are separated from the database of the site.

Authoring is Easy:

Drupal 8 website development helps to have complete control in the grip of the WYSIWYG editor, Content editor, CK editor which comes with the core. With these features, the content creators and editors would now be able to change the content or make changes in the pages, not changing the full alter form. It is now simple to make drafts and web security is also much upgraded.

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