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Why to choose a green t-shirt?

Author: Tracy Richardson
by Tracy Richardson
Posted: Jul 25, 2020
organic cotton

Back in the day, a green t-shirt meant simply that a t-shirt was green in color. Today, however, a green t-shirt means that a shirt is made with respect of eco-friendly rules and regard for the future - not just with profits in mind. Green t-shirt no need be green in real.

A green t-shirt mean that t-shirt is made using sustainable and socially good practices but it can also have messages and artwork related to "being green", it means to be eco-friendly person.

Being green needs no explanation. Basically anyone on this planet understands that being green means doing things that are good for humans for animals and our environment. Sustainable or eco-conscious practices are terms we have come to understand as they relate to our long-term well being, which is in direct relation to our responsible use of our natural resources.

Socially good practices are also inherently understood as a part of eco friendly style of life. Treating people humanely and paying decent wages is certainly on our ethical compasses.

Experts state that "humanity is living unsustainably and returning human use of natural resources to within sustainable limits will require a long and major collective effort". I believe we all agree this is the case to differing extents but it is. And we should make a collective push to find alternate ways of doing our life to be eco friendly back.

The green pioneers that have grown the organic cotton, taken on the labour-intensive process of using non-toxic inks and dyes for productions of green t-shirts. Now is our time, customers time to just choose to wear green t-shirts it means eco t-shirts.

Do you know that cotton requires tons of pesticides and fertilizers in order to grow? And if this is so, that means that every t-shirt you are wearing that has a label of 100% cotton is a product of the use of large amounts of pesticides and fertilizers that are harmful to the environment. It is undeniable that one way to ensure a good yield on a cotton plantation is to use pesticides and synthetic fertilizers. However, along with the good yield, what is sacrificed is the environment.

It is good to know, that not all manufacturers see only the money rolling in, but they take the proper measures to ascertain that their cotton farms produce a good yield without having to use these harmful chemicals. These manufacturers produce what is called as organic cotton. Organic cotton, what is it?

Whenever you say organic cotton, this refers to those cotton grown without using any of these harmful chemicals like synthetic fertilizers and pesticides. Instead, what the farmers use are animal manure for fertilizers, and ladybugs to ward off harmful pests. Cotton plantations that adhere to organic farming practices do not cause undue harm to the wildlife surrounding the area. Cotton workers are also protected since their health is not put in peril from exposure to these harmful chemicals.

Researching and statistics says that most manufacturers that use organic cotton in making various t shirts like babies', ladies', and men's t-shirts also adhere to fair labour practices.

With this knowledge you can buy and wear organic cotton t-shirts made of organic cotton and with using fair labour practices. Decision is in your hands - "green t--shirt" or only 100% cotton t-shirt.

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I am Tracy, passionate of eco-friendly style of life, eco fashion and web solutions for e-commerce.

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    Lovely t-shirts and New style of design I have never meet before , really like this..

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