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Tailwind in 2020 - Should You Bother?

Author: Christopher Panteli
by Christopher Panteli
Posted: Aug 01, 2020
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In 2020 there have been vast changes taking place on the Pinterest platform. Many people are moaning about significant drops in traffic and impressions. It begs the question then is Tailwind worth it in 2020?

Tailwind has been used for a long time by bloggers and marketers to increase their pin exposure by scheduling their pins. This has usually been a well-practised technique by scheduling the same pin to multiple related boards.

But is this is now advisable?

What Pinterest Wants?

Pinterest now demands fresh content for maximum exposure. This means new pin images and new URLs. So in many ways the benefits of using Tailwind are now gone. Because if you repin the same image to multiple boards, you are in fact not creating fresh content.

In fact, you are doing the exact opposite. And this will not only reduce your impressions and exposure, it could also harm your account.

One of the biggest problems many users are reporting in 2020 is an issue with the Pinterest spam filter. It is getting people caught up in a false spam block, and preventing account growth.

Some users have reportedly lost thousands of unique visitors and even followers.

So Can You Use Tailwind?

Absolutely you can. Pinterest has repeatedly explained that Tailwind (its partner) is 100% safe to use. The problem is how to use it safely.

Firstly, do not repin to multiple boards. This is a sure-fire way to get your account blocked. It was a technique that worked well for many bloggers in the past, but it does not work today. So do not do it.

The best way to use Tailwind is for the basic way for which it was designed. That is to schedule your pins. if you do not want to manually publish your pins or you live in a different time-zone to your audience, then Tailwind is the answer.

There are more ways to maximise the benefits of Tailwind, and I go into more detail in the post Is Tailwind Worth It? (In The New Age Of Pinterest).

The best thing you can do to ensure Tailwind is not harming your growth and performance is to get rid of any board lists. Pin to one board and niche down your profile. This is a great way to ensure quality and get more blog traffic.

After all, that’s what we content creators want, isn’t it?

It can be frustrating creating fresh content, and especially in the beginning when you’re getting very little traffic. But if you just batch create your pins in Canva, and then tweak them on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis – you will be delivering exactly what Pinterest wants.

Many people get lost in the journey to crack the Pinterest code.but it is in fact not that difficult. Pinterest has been pretty clear in explaining what they want. And it is our job as bloggers to deliver this. once we do, our traffic will be significantly better. And it will have been worth it.

So please, get making new pins, and get posting them now. Pinterest wants new, fresh content. Go give it ’em’.

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