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Reasons why you have to update your mobile app regularly

Author: Lakshmi Nryn
by Lakshmi Nryn
Posted: Aug 10, 2020

By means of updating your mobile app often, you can increase a loyal following in case your app’s updates include relevant bug fixes as well as features that customers are disturbing. Common updates additionally show which you are devoted to your app and that it is still being maintained.

  • Many experienced
Ecommerce app development company ensure they update their mobile apps frequently however new app development organizations won't surely realize why. In case you are also meaning to end up an app developer or you’re a brand new employee of an app development employer, you may also now not recognise why. That is why this post lists out some of the reasons why app development companies need to update their app regularly. So, right here are the reasons.

Following are the 6 reasons developers should update their Apps Regularly,

1. For security reasons

  • As an app development company, it's far your responsibility to maintain the information of the customers of your apps security. Unfortunately, cybercriminals and hackers constantly search for loopholes in apps, websites, and different online structures.
  • The fact that no safety facility functions for long. It's a matter of time earlier than those hackers discover a loophole to your machine. Therefore, the best way to stay more than one stay beforehand of those criminals is to offer ordinary safety updates.
  • By the time the hacker will discover a loophole in your 7th safety facility, you'll be rolling out the 10th one. For that reason, the maximum crucial cause why the company needs to usually update its application is to plug all of the safety loopholes in addition to upgrading the safety features in their app.

2. To keep up with technology

  • Technology advances frequently and the app development industry has been taking part in its fair share of development too. So, it's far essential to observe the fashion within your class of apps. As an instance, many retail apps have integrated one or more mobile pay technology into their app.
  • You could have determined the current increase in the use of Google pay, Samsung pay, Apple pay and Android pay. It’s due to the fact they're speedy, they're greater handy and their stage of safety is high. So, many retail apps already offer it. If you additionally run retail apps and you’re but to integrate any of them into your gadget, you can already be losing a number of your customers. But, that isn't the problem right here. It’s just an example of why apps must be up to date to be at part with technology.

3. To fix bugs

  • Regardless of how typically you check your mobile app before launching it, there will continually be bugs left. Most effective regular users could be capable of locating all the bugs. Other than that, each new function you upload in your app will likely include its worm. Absolutely, a few bugs are not a huge trouble but leaving them for a longer term is the real hassle. The longer bugs remain to your cellular app, the greater you lose users of the app.
  • So, it is essential to restore all of the bugs as they are detected. Happily, the solution tweaks to some of the insects may not also be observed by means of customers.

4. To satisfy users

  • When people experience your mobile app, they’re in all likely to provide you critical comments on what they prefer about your app, what they don’t like, and what you may improve upon. It is smart to seek their remarks and it's far even smarter to implement what they need.
  • The extra you follow users’ feedback, the greater they’ll be eager to offer you more comments, and the longer they’ll use your app. This additionally means you need to be seeking customers' remarks frequently.

5. To stay relevant

  • Mobile phone users have several apps on their phone that they don’t use. Downloading your app does now not mean they’ll use it often. With time, they’ll overlook your app for a long term. And after they ultimately do not forget it, they’re probably to delete it.
  • Each time you announce an update in your app, they’ll be reminded of your cell app. Similarly, they'll also need to attempt the new features that’ll come with your new update.

6. For the purpose of rebranding

  • You can have visible extraordinary groups exchange the appearance in their current products or change their brand identification. It is referred to as rebranding and it attracts extra attention and demand. This is carried out inside the app development industry too. You may provide your app a whole makeover. This typically excites present users and also draws new ones. So, some other cause to replace your app is to provide it a new look.
  • Now that you have an idea of the reasons to update your app often, you’ll probably need to know how regularly you have to do it. Well, there may be no immediate solution to that. The frequency of updates in reality relies upon numerous factors.

Reasons that determine how regularly to update your app

  • The price of an update is about 10 to 30 percent of the price of developing an app so it does not take a whole lot of enterprise experience to update your app with no good purpose. Users’ feedback is the primary aspect to keep in mind. But this does not suggest which you have to simply cross beforehand with a replace simply because multiple users recommend it. You have to wait till an enormous quantity of users start to agitate for something.
  • Cost is another factor to remember. What if you couldn’t muster the fee of the desired update just buy? The handiest component you could do is to wait till you’re capable of raising the fund. In that state of affairs, it will be essential to inform customers which you’re already operating on their feedback.
  • The dimensions of your team are every other component a good way to determine how often you’ll update your app. The larger your team is, the more frequent you’ll be capable of releasing an update. The most important aspect is the problem to hand. If there’s a severe difficulty to your app that could make you lose the customers of your app, you have no preference however to discover a manner to fix the hassle as fast as possible.
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