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How to make a Christmas Wreath with Globe Ornaments

Author: Annette Browning
by Annette Browning
Posted: Aug 06, 2020
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Learn how to easily make your own colorful Christmas Wreath using shatterproof, ball or globe ornaments!

You can find the full step by step tutorial at

You've seen the tubes of those colorful, Christmas ornaments, right? They look like the old fashioned glass ball ornaments my Grandmother had but these are better because they are SHATTERPROOF! Awesome, right? So, you don't have to worry about the kids roughhousing and accidentally breaking your beautiful handmade wreath and maybe getting hurt.

These fun ornaments usually come in tubes or sets. Some are all one color and some have a variety of different colors and sizes. Regardless of which sets you buy, these wreaths are gorgeous either way!

There are different ways of making an ornament wreath. Some people use hot glue to attach the balls to a form or straw wreath form. Honestly, I didn't have much luck with that technique. Maybe my glue didn't get hot enough. So, after some pondering, I decided to use floral wire to attach the globes to a wire frame.

(I did not try to attach the globes to a foam wreath form so I do not know if that would work.)

My ornaments came in different colors, sizes and finishes. I had blues, silver and some pink as well as glittery, shiny and matte ornaments. I recommend that you take a few minutes and think about how you want your finished wreath to look i.e. all one color? all shiny and glittery or perhaps all matte?

If your ornaments are different colors and sizes, you will want to vary the ornaments in each bunch. This will keep the overall balance of color and texture of your wreath. (Example: You probably don't want one big area of all red ornaments)


  • Shatterproof Ball Ornaments- Wire Wreath Form- Floral Wire- Wire Cutters- Hot Glue Gun

First, you want to check the hangers on each of your ornaments to make sure they are secure. If any are loose, glue them into place with the hot glue.

Next, cut the floral into 7-8" long pieces and bend each wire in half. Go ahead and cut 15 to 20 pieces to start. You may have to add more later.

Then you will select 3 ornaments and string them onto a piece of wire. Twist the wire two or three times at the base of the ornaments to secure them.

Take the cluster and attach it to the wreath form by wrapping the ends around it. Twist to secure. Repeat making more clusters and attaching them to the frame.

Place cluster along the front, inside and outside of the wreath form. I did not attach any to the back of my wreath.

That's it! These beautiful wreaths are not just for Christmas, either. Globe ornaments come in all different colors and sizes so you can make a wreath for every Season or Holiday!




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