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Is It Better to Scrap or Sell Your Van?

Author: Scrapa Van
by Scrapa Van
Posted: Aug 08, 2020

Are you thinking of scrapping your van for cash? It’s indeed a difficult decision to make as many people tend to develop a special bond with their vehicle and often start treating it as a family member. However, if your van is now proving to be an overhead rather than an asset then it wise enough to think about scrapping it rather than selling it or spending extra money on its repair work.

Keep in mind the following points if you are in two minds about scrapping your van

If you wish to get rid of your van you can either sell it or scrap it. Selling is an option if your van is in a reasonable condition and would only take a couple of pounds to look decent and command a selling price. However, if your van is severely damaged or is aged, then it’s wise to get in touch with a van scrapyard.

Secondly, time plays a very important role. If you are short of time and are looking for a quick sale, then selling your van might prove to be a difficult task. Second-hand vehicles generally command a much lower price and its sale might be time-consuming. On the other hand, scrapping your van can be just a matter of a phone call or a quick mail to a van scrapyard.

If your car is not safe enough or legal to be driven on the road and does not comply with the DVLA regulation,then it’s advisable not to try your luck on selling your van or car, rather straight away you should contact a van scrapyard. This can be a quick way to scrap your van for cash. Van Scrapyards buy all kinds of vans including Ford Transit, Mercedes Sprinters, etc

How much can you actually get by scrapping your van?

There are many factors which determine the price you would eventually get by scrapping your van.Following are some of them

  • The material the vehicle is ma
de of-Most vans are made of an alloy. The composition of the metal in the alloy may differ. Each metal commands a different price in the market. Hence depending upon the composition of the metal used in the make and its prevailing price will determine its scrap price as well.

  • Current global scrap prices-Metal prices keep on fluctuating depending upon various macro and micro aspects.
  • Condition of your van-The condition of the van is directly proportionate to the scrap value of your van.Better the condition, higher will be the scrap value.
  • Age of your van-Age of the car can be quite interesting. Some very old vans may command a higher price due to its components which are not in manufacturing now but maybe in demand. However, most of the time, the age of the car is inversely proportionate to the scrap value.
  • Make and model of your van-Brand value even matter for the scrap market. Vans which belong to better and reputed brands will certainly command a higher price in the scrap market as well as second-hand vehicle market.
  • History of your car-If your van, has suffered severe damages and has had a history of accidents then, scrap value can be lower as compared to the vehicle which has just one previous owner and has a clear history.

When in doubt always get in touch with a reputed scrapyard dealer who would be able to give you an immediate offer for your van so that you can get cash for van through bank transfer. is a leading scrap van yard based in Bolton with offices or agents across UK. They offer best price for damaged vans, scrap vans and can pick your van from any location. Contact them to get best offer for your scrap van.

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Scrap A Van is one of the most reputed companies in United Kingdom. They accept Vans of all types and provide you with immediate cash for your Van.

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