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FIFA 21: Career Mode Channels Features

Author: Jerry Chang
by Jerry Chang
Posted: Aug 17, 2020
career mode

The popular game mode has been redesigned with some exciting new features that allow for greater dynamics. The list of the best FIFA 21 teams based on the ratings won't be confirmed until early October. However, that doesn't stop us from figuring out which teams will have the most fun getting to grips with in the upcoming game.

Some of them are straightforward: Premier League champions Liverpool, who will excel in FIFA 21, and Leeds United, who has been promoted. But there are also surprises like the alleged newcomer of the Paraguayan heavyweights Olimpia. In terms of exhibition, career mode, and (in terms of individual player items) Ultimate Team, this is your FIFA 21 guide to the best teams from a pure enjoyment perspective.

For the past few years, FIFA Career Mode has always been all or nothing - users have either played a game or simulated it in full.

In FIFA 21, EA Sports added a semi-simulation match feature that gives players more control over their team than in previous iterations.

Now users can watch a football manager style point simulation of their game, with the ball spinning on a mini 2D field, and then with the push of a button jump into their players and control them how they want in a normal game.

If that doesn't interest you, the old ways of simply playing or simulating the entire 90 minutes remain in the game.

When the player sees a semi-simulated game, data is available to help them decide what to do next, including the player's energy levels, game ratings, player stats, and game plan options.

The ability to make substitutions or significantly change aspects of the team's tactics in-game is also an option for players in Career Mode.

In managing teams off the field of play, features have been added to help players develop in different ways. The positions of the players can be adjusted by implementing special training plans.

For example, Borussia Dortmund star Jadon Sancho's main position in the game is a right midfielder, but with his finishing skills, the England international could be retrained to add a forward role to his list of positions.

Just don't expect to be able to turn Gerard Pique into a striker, although a high-profile defender like Virgil van Dijk could be a possibility.

The training plans not only help players develop new positions and skills, but also develop attributes like the strength of the weaker foot.

It is evident that the added details of EA Sports represent a significant improvement in the Career Mode, giving users even more interaction and control over their team.

Either way, it should certainly be an improvement over FIFA 20, which was littered with issues in Career mode when it was released.

FIFA 21 hits shelves October 9th - the standard edition of FIFA 21 costs £ 59.99 in the UK and $ 59.99 in the US.

EA Sports has released a number of different editions over the past few years - like the Champions Edition and the Ultimate Edition - that cost a little more than the Standard Edition.

The FIFA 21 Champions Edition costs £ 79.99 in the UK and £ 79.99 in the US.

The FIFA 21 Ultimate Edition was confirmed on the official Xbox and Playstation stores at £ 89.99 and $ 99.99, respectively.

Additional benefits for FIFA Ultimate Team players such as gold packs, special FUT kits and symbols are the reason for the difference between the price of the included editions. And for more details about FIFA 21 news and FIFA 21 coins, please refer to

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Author: Jerry Chang

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