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Why Online Teaching Platforms is better than traditional classroom teaching?

Author: Ayanjit Biswas
by Ayanjit Biswas
Posted: Sep 07, 2020

Online teaching platforms are new to everyone since we are most familiar with traditional teaching where more than 50 peoples are taught by one instructor. No one is able to know whether those 50 peoples are able to understand things that are taught in class. This style of teaching is not efficient in today’s world.

Learners are able to access to new technologies where they can get learn and retain information efficiently which contradict to the majority of educational establishments in India.

An accepted substitute for traditional education is online education or eLearning.

The online education model is substantially making an attempt to vanquish the shortcomings by the one traditional education system, whereas also grants extra advantages. Off one by one traditional teaching model, students attend to lengthy lectures, make notes, in general turn to belch memorization.

It keeps little or no space left for proactive engagement in the classroom. Online education, notwithstanding, promote involvement in classroom proceedings along with homologous collaboration. By means of said handiness of different paths of online study resources, students would tangle their course materials and become educated in a good word delightful manner.

Behold a few means of how online education has an impact on traditional education:

#1 Students Able to Learn at Their Own Pace:

Students have full work up over their lessons. In the sense, maybe now learning according to for their own pace furthermore learning skills. Each individual gets wind of and remembers a different way. Somebody might be quick learners, whereas could somebody take a little while to comprehend a given item.

In the schoolroom surroundings, the teacher expounds ideas along with response doubt, be that as it may only so much that they can do.

  • 2 Deduces dependency on instructors

There might be students whereof having second thoughts. A number of students could feel that the teacher’s stride of schooling is pretty quick for them. It's beyond the bounds of possibility for a teacher to give personal notice to each and every student.

Online education dealt with this issue by offering them more details and reason by means of eBooks as well as other ways of online resources. Students need not lie in wait for the instructor in order to start/finish a chapter, maybe doing this on your own.

#3 Cost-Effective

Online learning establishes a likelihood as far as taking control of their own learning process. They can undergo the content, re-read chapters, listening for the sake of audio-books or else accept help out of external links. In view of this assistance, they carry out courses in line through their learning capacity as well as convenience. Online teaching platforms help students so as to make it sprightly learners, instead of passive learners whereas taking full account of responsibility for their own studies.

If you equate the cost components, you would be able to find that online education is much longer reasonable for students over traditional education. In the case under consideration differences in the establishment of online course materials as well as printed textbooks. A paperback book is higher priced in view of the fact that it presupposes a large number of approaches depending on the source making. Since cutting down trees to the manufacturing of paper, toward printing, packaging, and shipping.


Traditional teaching turned out to be with us for thousands of years. We not at all endorse shutting down schools and colleges furthermore leading only online courses. The traditional system has in pursuit of one positive effect alike face-to-face connection along with developing interpersonal skills as well as group learning, what sort of are fundamental skills carry out all-round development of a student.

Yet, it may not be dismissed that technology, if they are used reasonably, might play a potent role in the teaching profession. For this reason, in lieu of substituting formal education over online education, they might be combined collectively to create a more efficient, competent and synergistic learning experience.

About the Author

Ayanjit is a school teacher who uses online teaching platform to impart education through specialized virtual classroom software. He expresses his opinion on the subject as regards to online space afterward.

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