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5 must-have weight lifting equipment in UK!

Author: Gym Warehouse
by Gym Warehouse
Posted: Sep 10, 2020
weight lifting

We are seeing a steady increase in UK's fitness trend from 2011 to 2019.

Both low cost gym environment, and professional fitness studios have risen, with several fitness enthusiasts hitting the healthy lifestyle, more than ever.

A survey, conducted by the Office for National Statistics, is showing that young britishers are now more inclined towards fitness classes, and well-being; rather than spending energy and time on alcohol, parties, snacks, and substance abuse!

Believe it or not; the nation is proud of this young british population. Pump it up we say! Keep it going!

We have found out, from our sales history of Gym Warehouse, that this new swarm of fitness freaks is heavily interested in core strength training. It is implying that weight lifting is one of their major goals to accomplish. However, perfect weight training is not an easy task. To work out all the muscles in your body, and develop body mass, you require the best weight lifting equipment.

But, there's no need to sweat out in thinking how to start the intensive training, with what types of machines!

Gym Warehouse will give you the basic weight lifting equipment guide, so that you can concentrate on your workouts without much of brain storming.

So, there you go mate! Brits for Brits! Let's shake hands and hit the floor!

Here's your,

Checklist of 5 must-have weight lifting equipment in UK:

(This list is custom built by our experts at Gym Warehouse, keeping the british youth in mind, and as per the current british fitness trend. We came up with this list after surveying the most sought after gym equipment in England.

Hence, this list can also be summarized as popular or trending weight lifting equipment in UK!Suggestions from other trainers of different countries and regions might differ.

As a gentle reminder, this list is intended for beginners and novice enthusiasts. By no means shall it be mistaken as a complete guide to weight lifting machines, and advanced strength training equipment.)

1. Barbells, Dumbbells, Olympic Barbells:

Your weight lifting workouts are solely dependent on what type of weights you are using. At first, work your way up with the standard dumbbells and barbells of regular weights.Once you are in tune with these basic weight lifts, you can take it to the next level of powerful deadlifts, using olympic barbells.

Olympic barbells are longer and heavier, and meant to utilise more strength out of your body. Only the experienced lifters know how these olympic barbells are excellent fat burners as well.

Our Gym Olympic Weights Pack will give you the necessary back up!

2. Smith Machine:

Barbell squats can be dangerous if you, by any chance, drop the bar on your head or shoulders! No doubt, weight lifting is pretty risky!

A Smith Machine helps you to do weight squats, safely and efficiently. They are compact, compared to other racks, and has holders to mount the barbell, in case you seem to stagger under pressure.

Our latest HD Smith machine is made from tough materials, and has excellent durability; that too at an affordable price. It is the perfect choice for you!

3. Power Racks:

When performing strong deadlifts, or tough bench presses, a power rack is a must have equipment.These racks have holders and height controllers, so that you can mount your barbell at your convenient height.

They are excellent for all types of weight lifting exercises. Some of them also come with pull up bars. And, needless to say, you can also safely rep up heavy weight squats in them.

We offer power racks as an inclusion in our gymware packages.

4. Cable Machine:

Stacked up with adjustable weight plates, the cable machine is second to none, when you are keen on exerting tension in your muscles.

The continuous pulls will be addressing your muscles like no other exercises.

Plus, these cable machines can be customised to be used for suspension training as well. Our single cable station is bound to get you started with cable exercises, at a pocket friendly price.

5. Adjustable Bench:

Next in line, you need to have a multipurpose adjustable bench, for doing all the presses, without changing the benches!Imagine how annoying it would be, to switch benches in between exercises, with heavy barbells over you!

It's very old school to do your workouts like that. Our auto adjustable decline bench will give you the power to do all sorts of bench workouts, without compromising your comfort.

And, don't forget to use your body weight.

Finally, your weight training must include core body weight strength exercises, like lunges, free hand squats, press ups, burpees and so on.

The main motive of weight training is to strengthen your core. Seriously, anyone can do a dead lift or a heavy bench press, within a few days of working out.

But lifting is not everything. Preparing yourself for those hard dead lifts, during workouts, is really what matters!

As a final note, always begin your exercises with free hand warm ups, and end your sessions with cool down workouts!

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