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How to generate high quality leads from PPC campaign?

Author: Sanjay Kumar
by Sanjay Kumar
Posted: Sep 17, 2020

"The purpose of a business is to create a customer"

It is rightly said that a business needs customers to sustain. Without customers, the business would be lifeless. It definitely can be a challenging task, and the generation of high-quality leads can be even a harder task. According to research, 58% of business owner’s priority is the lead quality whereas only 46% were seeking lead quantity. Aiming to achieve high-quality lead is great, but you have to seek strategically about the PPC lead generation.

For any business, if someone is capable of buying a product, the purchase can be done right away. The main point is that one person’s money is as good as the next person. If the sale is made, the revenue is generated properly. The lead generation gives scope to anyone who wants to convert at an initial stage but is incapable of buying the end product.

PPC Campaign

PPC stands for pay-per-click, this is a business model in which the advertisers pay a certain amount of fee every time their ad is clicked. It is considered as a way of buying visits to a particular site. One of the most famous forms of advertising is Search Engine Advertising. It offers advertisers to bid for their ad placement whenever the keywords related to their business are typed. For example- Every time you search "Apple-iPhone" we have to pay a small amount to the search engine. Now if you are able to sell the product, the visit would be more worthy than what you pay for it. A keyword search is a time-consuming task. Seeking the keyword search just once is quite risky as you are going to leave out a lot of valuable stuff. So here is a list you can refer for the effectiveness of PPC keywords:

    • a. Relevant: You should always bid for those keywords that are closely related to what you offer to sell.
    • b. Exhaustive: Long-tail keywords give more specific search results as they are less common. They are less expensive as well.
    • c. Expansive: The basic purpose is to expand the campaign as much as possible.

Increasing your lead quality can be a strenuous task. When you are trying to improve the quality of your lead, you might decrease the number of leads you are generating. The number of overall leads is inversely proportional to the number of quality leads.

The next thing that occurs in our mind is how can we measure the lead quality?

The most effective way of measuring quality is by "conversion rate from a lead to a client". When a large number of high-quality leads become your clients, your conversion rate is high. If you are getting a large number of leads but the conversion rate is low, you are not getting the right target audience.

Some strategies which would help in generating high quality leads for PPC Campaign

1. Target business-centric keywords

Keywords play a very vital role in the PPC campaign. The keywords appropriate for your business should be the ones that are related to the products and the services. For example, if you are a trading company, you can use keywords like "auto-trading" or something which is similar to that.

If you are using short-tail keywords, that is you are typing just two or three keywords to your query, you are most likely not to get your answer correctly. However, if you use long-tail keywords you can target more specific searches.

Although there is a very small difference between the two, if someone is looking for "bedroom furniture" is more likely to get specified results as compared to "furniture". Since the clarification is given regarding what type of furniture is required.

2. Market research through social networking

A market survey is essential in any campaign. You can research by using websites or social networking.

This would help with loads of questions about the target audience, their purchasing needs, their buying strategies, etc. The Internet proves to be one of the best sources for doing research work.

3. Customize your landing page according to the customer

The landing page also acts as a tool to qualify the user on the page. Now when the lead gets to the landing page, the click has been paid. You can still improve the quality of your lead by solving the needs and challenges of customers.

If you cannot design a unique landing page, you can create your headlines and subheadings dynamically.

4. Keyword inspiration from the competitors

If your competitor is doing good on the search engine pages, you can seek the tools and resources to improve your campaign. You don’t need to copy their keywords, but you can use something similar to them. You can use various tools like SEMrush and other research tools to learn more about your competition.

5. Testing the keywords

It is considered wise to test your keywords and ads. You can get to know which of the offers are getting the most attractive and which don’t. You can have an overall analysis of the campaign by testing the keywords and the landing page as well.

You can improve the conversion rate by testing the keywords and ad copies. You should collect sufficient data and a certain time frame to perform the test.

6. Importance to form filling

If a large amount of form is being filled by the low quality of leads. It means you need to increase the amount of information. When designing a form, make sure it makes sense. Be sure that you want the exact information from the user on the form. In addition to the number of the fields to be filled in the form, you should be sure of what you are asking in the form.

7. Improvise on lead quality than quantity

To increase the quality of the lead, you might have to move certain leads away from your business but it is a wise move for your business, as only the quality leads would end up filling the form.


If you are doing great with the PPC campaign but aren’t able to fetch desired sales, you can try out the techniques mentioned above. They would definitely help give a boost to the lead quality. And if you thinking for redesigning your website or landing page for better engagements and conversions, then choose Escale Solutions which is the leading website designing company in Gurgaon that will also help to generate high quality leads for PPC campaigns.

About the Author

My name is Sanjay Kumar and I'm working in Escale Solutions, a web design, and development company situated in Delhi NCR, India. I'm working here as a Digital Marketing Manager.

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Author: Sanjay Kumar

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