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Is your Wi-Fi Slow? Rescue Time with the Ways to Fix It

Author: Gryphon Online Safety
by Gryphon Online Safety
Posted: Sep 12, 2020

Steady and high-speed Internet connection is something that looks beyond reach. With everyone working from home, it has become more important than ever to have an Internet connection with strong signal strength. While we are ought to blame the wifi router for all the delay, the actual reason could be your service provider slowing down the Wi-Fi. How do you make sure it’s not him? Let’s unleash the ways to find check if your Internet service provider is causing all these problems.

Try the troubleshooting methodWhen Wi-Fi is slow, you can try the troubleshooting method. Make sure the router is located at the center of the house and set the position of antennas. Check the password strength and make sure your network is secure. There are a couple of steps to follow and your wifi router’s user manual can guide you more on this.

Check the health of your InternetAfter you have gone through the troubleshooting checklist and there’s no improvement, it makes sense to check the Internet speed. There are free online tools available to check the download and upload speed of your Internet.

Fix your hardwareIt makes sense to check if slow Internet is an issue with just one or all the devices in the house. If this is happening in just one computer, your safe wifi router or ISP are not supposed to be blamed for this.

Be aware of the limitations of your hardwareSupposedly, you are paying for 1Gbps plan, but the wifi router in the house is an old one, you will not get high speed at any cost. Similarly, if your router is advanced, but laptops or smartphones you are using are old, slow Internet will always remain a problem. Similarly, if your router is advanced, but laptops or smartphones you are using are old, slow Internet will always remain a problem.

Restrict or limit the use of bandwidth-consuming appThere could be some apps running in the background using all the Internet speed. Torrents, for example, are one of the major culprits for a slow Internet connection. You can install some extensions to block the bandwidth-consuming apps.

Reset network name and passwordHaving too many users on the same Internet network could make it speed terribly slow. We can’t rule out the possibility of your neighbor hacking the password and using your Wi-Fi. So, change the network name and reset the password. Many routers come with family wifi control features to provide additional network security to users. Leverage these features and see if there’s any improvement in speed.

Followed all the steps, what’s next?If you have done everything from resetting the router to fixing hardware to limiting bandwidth consumption without any success, it’s time to call your Internet service provider. There could be a broken optical cable line or downtime or any other issue behind the problem.

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Evan loves to write about science and technology. A data engineer by profession, he is working with a leading company that’s into making wi-fi routers and mesh network systems.

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Mark Jepson is an IT Engineer and his recent presentation about having parental control on computer has made many parents think about having parental control router settings enabled on their computing devices.

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