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Dungeons & Dragons Acolyte 5E Background

Author: Umer Adnan
by Umer Adnan
Posted: Sep 09, 2020
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Spending a lion share of time in a temple in service of God or God; performing rituals, rites, and sacrificing things for a God or pantheon of GODS is the prime duty of an acolyte.

Among many other sample backgrounds in DND, Acolyte places the first among them. Acolytes are the religious figures that have dedicated themselves to some Divine Entity. They perform a ritual and praise their lord or lords so that they may seek mercy from them.

Whether to choose a God or a pantheon of gods, you need to work with your Dungeon Master in order to dice what to do? Players can also go to check out the appendix B of the book where they can see and decide which GOD or GODS to worship.

Players also have to define the services they are performing in the temple and they also have to decide that whether they were providing services from the very beginning when they were a child or they are some full-time priests in a temple.

With their service they do for the temple, players get something in return, i.e, Skill proficiencies, languages, and Equipment.

Skill Proficiency of an ACOLYTE:

Acolytes are proficient in insight and Religion.


We have seen that some dnd background gives the advantage of language to the players and the background of an Acolyte is one of them; players can have two languages of their choice.


A holy Symbol, a prayer book or prayer wheel, 5 sticks of incense, vestment, a set of common clothes, and a belt of a pouch containing 15gp.


Every Dnd background is different from the other in many aspects and one of them is the feature. Feature of an Acolyte is SHELTER OF THE FAITHFUL. Because you served God alongside your adventuring companions, your companions can expect free healing and shelter in the temple or in any other place where you have practiced your religion.

You can also seek such services from the temple with which you have good ties, and you can also seek the help of the priest’s assistance from therein, provided that it is not dangerous for him.


Among many other backgrounds that are provided in the book, players can select whatever background they want but the background of an Acolyte is interesting in a sense if you have an interest in playing the Character which is a religious figure or had a past where he used to be a person with religious sentiments.

Suggested characteristics of an Acolyte are also mentioned in the section of Acolyte Background 5e and players can roll the corresponding Dice to decide the Personality Trait, Ideal, Bond, and Flaw of their acolyte.

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