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Basic SEO Checklist for Website Optimization

Author: Mary Rowling
by Mary Rowling
Posted: Sep 24, 2020
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When a new website is developed, there are too many things to take care of. The main purpose of a website is increased visibility, that brings more and more traffic to the website and finally more leads, sales and revenue. But it is not as easy as it sounds. When millions of websites are already there on the web, how will you get the attention that you seek online? Yes, you will have to put lots of efforts in improving your online presence to achieve your online business goals.

By applying search engine optimization (SEO) activities, you can reach your online goals easily. SEO is a set of activities that helps websites rank higher in search engine result pages (SERP) so that you get increased visibility and traffic to your website.

Here in this blog, we will try to understand the basic SEO activities for a new website. If you are planning to get a new website for your business, you will need to start everything right from the beginning.

Some of the Basic SEO Activities for New Websites

Focus on Target Audience

You will first need to decide what exactly you want to focus on and who is your target audience. Unless you know, who your target audience is, it will be difficult for you to make your search engine optimization strategy. So, be very sure about your target audience. Because once you know your target audience, rest all the activities will be done around it. Like a website that focusses on kids’ products, must look so, similarly, a website that sells ladies’ products, must be given similar appearance, so that it can grab the attention of the female audience effectively.

Website Architecture

Next is website architecture. How it must look, the position of navigation, texts, images, and everything else is decided in this. How the webpages will be interlinked? Here in this level, the idea is to make user navigation easier for the audience and also put the content of the website in a such a way that the users can comfortably move around and spend more time on the website. Structure or website architecture is equally important for optimization.

Keyword Research

Once your website design prototype is complete, you can start researching for keywords as the keyword is that element of a website that is used by the users to search for you. When your user searches for your website or your products/services or any information that they want, they enter keywords to find the most relevant information on the search engines. The search engines show the results of those pages that are most relevant and matches the keywords. To grab this opportunity, you will need to insert relevant keywords on related pages of your website, which must be matching to the products and services you offer.

Website Content

Content is the most essential part of your websites. Search engines read the texts on your websites to find out whether it is relevant and useful for users or not and based on that they show the results on the SERP. So, you will have to ensure you have put useful and informative content on your website. However, be careful that you do not just copy and paste the content from other websites, rather, write your unique content. If you copy the content, it will negatively impact your website. Moreover, you will also need to include relevant keywords in your content. You can hire a professional content writer to write content for your website.

Google Analytics & Webmaster

Once your website is up and running, ensure you have installed Google Analytics and Search Consoles. These are free tools by Google that can help you in solving your problems related to your website. They monitor traffic and also constantly checks keyword rankings. This would help you in finding the right direction in the search engine optimization process. You get to know what are the pages that are most popular and which are least visited. What keywords are used to reach your webpages? It can help makes assessments and also improvements in your websites.

Submission to Search Engines

When you have just entered the online space, search engines may not index your webpages. Then you will have to get them indexed. The idea is to inform all the top search engines about your online presence. Google, Yahoo and Bing are few of the search engines where you can submit your website. The more the number of submissions, more would be your chances of getting increased traffic.

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