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Individual Change = Team Change = Organization Change

Author: Business Coaching
by Business Coaching
Posted: Sep 17, 2020

Okay, let’s back up a bit before we explain the picture we painted above. When it comes to Learning & Development Organizations always focus on what results will it bring to the organization. The Return On Investment (ROI) is always measured by how much the organization has benefited from the intervention. That makes perfect business sense.


Over the past 8 years of helping the organization in Change and Learning, we have embarked on educating all who come across us about starting with the individuals, who make up the teams that make up the Organization. Forward-thinking leaders accept our proposal and enjoy the efficient results that last long term.

We still gladly work with leaders that resist the change we propose, we do it as per the old method they are comfortable with. They enjoy great results, yet they are not as long-lasting as those that forward-thinking Leaders enjoy by agreeing to place the individual first in their focus. We will always teach and deliver; Changed Individual = Changed Team =Changed Organization


The old or current way for most Organizations:

Book a Sales Training for your Sales Team/ Book a Leadership Training for your Leaders and Managers/Book a Project Management Training for Your Fund Raisers and Project Managers.

We could make more examples that could all be summed up in – Book training for your team, to assist them to perform better their duties better in the gaps you see.

This method delivers great results. They can never be long term though because individuals just commit better to the application of the lesson when they know they come first.

Our tried and tested method:

Being part of the employee pool in South Africa tells us, you included, that the sales team has some kind of financial stress. These individuals are living beyond their means, battling to keep afloat in their debt. They have gotten themselves and family members used to a certain kind of diet, clothing style, transport system, schooling, and the list goes on.

Most of them accept the constant offers for more debt. Then, they come to work, with financial stress never leaving their minds and you want to, on top of that foundation, taking them through sales Training. How will that go?

TAKE THEM, the Individuals through our Financially Fit You! This is about you equipping the individuals that make up the teams that make up your organization to function better when it comes to their finances.

They will have the opportunity to do what many South Africans haven’t done: Look at their bank statement, on paper, for the purpose of knowing their current financial state, and walking through our stages towards Financial Fitness.

We cover:

What are you doing?

How to Pay off your debt, without going for a consolidation

How to make more money from the money you already have.

Recording before joining the budgeting craze

Why work just so you can afford more stress?

Debt VS Savings

What are you doing?

Recording before budgeting

Facing your financial state

Reckless lending

Healthy lending

Increase your earnings

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We are renowned for our effective and applicable Organizational Change and Personal Development intervention. We operate throughout South Africa.

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