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What kind of services do the DOT Consultants Provide?

Author: Vicky Kumar
by Vicky Kumar
Posted: Sep 20, 2020

India is moving fast towards digitization. As a result, now companies have more tasks that they have to manage. For that purpose, they require man power, telecom resources and other tech-driven solutions. While companies can accumulate these resources if they have enough money, they can’t use it without the legal authorization. That’s where DOT Consultants step in. They are the professionals who primarily deal with the legal aspects of purchasing & using telecom resources, and establishing telecom driven businesses.

What kind of services do the DOT consultants provide? Through this article, this is topic we are going to tackle.

Who are DOT Consultants?

DOT Consultants are professionals who possess in-depth knowledge about the comings and goings of Department of Telecommunications. They provide services such as:

  1. OSP registration
  2. Infrastructure sharing
  3. ISP registration
  4. UL VNO Licensing
  5. IP1 Registration
  6. DOT Annual Compliance filing

A typical DOT Consultant team consists of Chartered Accountants, Financial Experts, and Telecom regulatory experts who aid in the following matters to provide the aforementioned services:

  1. Application filing.
  2. Company Incorporation.
  3. Auditing.
  4. License management.
  5. Requirement Analysis.
  6. Application Monitoring, and more.

Now that you know that services that DOT consultants provide, let’s look into how they provide them.

OSP Registration by DOT Consultants

OSP or Other Service Providers are IT enabled companies. The implement telecommunication resources at a large scale to provide:

  1. Business Process Outsourcing
  2. Call center Services
  3. Knowledge Process Outsourcing
  4. E Commerce
  5. Tele trading
  6. Telemarketing,
  7. Tele-banking
  8. Tele –education and,
  9. Other IT enabled services

To start an OSP, you require an OSP License. Also mistakenly known as the DOT License, consultants can help OSPs attain it via the following method:

  1. They establish the applicant’s company: Because all DOT License consultant consist of Chartered Accountants and Company Secretaries, they assist the applicant in establishing his/her company.
  2. Furnishing the required documents: Following are the documents that the DOT consultants help furnish an OSP aspirant:

a. Certificate of incorporation

b. MOA and AOA

c. An information sheet that contains the list of company directors, shareholders and the shareholding pattern of the company.

d. A Network Diagram the shows how the telecom resources are to be implemented in the OSP.

e. A short description of the OSP.

f. A power of attorney in the prescribed format.

  1. Filing the application: An OSP application is filed exclusively online. Any misstep can cause the application process to fail instantly. Therefore, the DOT consultants take the time to assess the applicant’s document thoroughly before filing the application form via the SARALSANCHAR portal.
  2. After application filing, comes processing: Once the application has been filed, and forwarded to the Department of Telecommunication, it’s processed by the regulatory body to verify the following:

a. Whether the details are correctly filled, and

b. Whether there is any discrepancy in the document.

If the application is rejected (a common occurrence), the applicant is given time to fix their mistakes. The DOT Consultants, acting on behalf of these applicants, recheck the application and rectify its issues.

5. Get the OSP registration certificate: Once the application of OSP registration is accepted, the Department of Telecommunication grants the OSP registration number to the applicant. That number is the authorization that allows the OSP to start its business.

DOT Consultants assistance in infrastructure sharing

In order to connect an international and domestic OSP of the same company, infrastructure sharing license is necessary. A DOT Consultant assists in this matter by:

  1. Drafting the agreement of Infrastructure sharing
  2. Submitting that agreement to the Department of Telecommunication.
  3. Getting the Infrastructure sharing license for the applicant.

The process of infrastructure sharing is particularly nuanced. Several steps tend to at work, and it’s up to the DOT consultant to ensure that all the steps are taken correctly.

ISP Registration assistance by DOT Consultants

An ISP (Internet Service Provider) is a company that provides internet access to its subscribers. Despite the nature of the license, the process of getting it is not in any way connected to the internet. The applicant has to download the application and manually fill it before submitting it physically at the DOT. A DOT Consultants takes the following steps to get these applicants their unified ISP License:

  1. Making the applicant eligible to set up an ISP: A Sole Proprietorship cannot apply for an ISP license. One has to establish a company first. Therefore, a DOT Consultant helps the applicant setup a company prior to applying for the ISP registration.
  2. Budgeting the endeavour: There are three types of ISP categories with vastly different required application fees. Thus, a DOT Consultant helps the applicant setup the budget for the license that they are looking for.
  3. Filing the application for ISP License: The DOT consultant takes on the task of downloading, and filling the application form of the unified ISP License. Furthermore, it’s the consultant that furnishes the required documents:

a. Certificate of incorporation

b. MOA and AOA

c. An information sheet detailing the directors, shareholders and the shareholding pattern of the company.

d. An Audited Net Owned Certificate.

e. Challan form of the ISP License application

  1. Receiving the letter of intent: Once the application is submitted to the DOT, the regulatory body starts its assessment. If there are no errors in the application, then the DOT issues to the applicant a letter of Intent.
  2. Following the instructions of the letter of Intent: After receiving the letter of Intent, the applicant starts fulfilling, with the help of their DOT Consultant, the requirements mentioned in it:

a. He deposits the Financial bank Guarantee

b. He Deposits the performance bank guarantee

c. He attaches other documents as mentioned in the letter of intent.

6. Grant of ISP License: After fulfilling the mandatory obligations mentioned in the Letter of Intent, the Applicant is issued a Unified License for ISP by the Department of Telecommunication.

UL VNO Licensing Assistance by DOT Consultants

A VNO or Virtual Network Operator is a cost-effective form of an ISP. It involves:

  1. Lesser hardware requirements. and
  2. Less expensive UL VNO License.

The process of acquiring a UL VNO License is similar to that of acquiring an ISP License. Thus, a DOT consultant assists the applicant of a VNO License in a similar manner as he would an applicant of ISP license.

IP1 Registration with the aid of DOT Consultants

IP1 License is granted to Infrastructure Providers. They are the facilitators of Internet Bandwidth, and other passive and active resources to the telecom companies. One of the most difficult license to acquire, a DOT consultant helps applicant of IP1 License by:

  1. Assessing their requirements from the start
  2. Ensuring that the infrastructure is planned correctly
  3. Ensuring that the application is filed correctly
  4. Monitoring the application
  5. Ensuring that the applicant gets the IP1 License on time.
DOT Annual Compliance filing by DOT Consultants

Every business has to file regular compliance to stay legally relevant throughout the course of their businesses. For telecom companies, these are called DOT Compliances. DOT Consultants bring their expertise to provide DOT compliance services such as:

  1. Filling OSP annual returns: The OSP annual return is filed using the OSP annual return form. The DOT Consultants conducts a thorough auditing of the OSP owner before filing the annual return on his behalf.
  2. Filing in Event-based compliance: Ay change done in the OSP should be communicated to the Department of Telecommunication. DOT consultant assists in filing the Event based compliance are filed for that purpose.

A DOT Consultant is like a Swiss Knife of legal services related to telecom industry. They provide various services to ensure that the licenses are acquired, agreements are filed and returns are filled on time.

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Vicky kumar is a company analyst in IP1 License.

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Author: Vicky Kumar

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