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How to select a slotter machine

Author: Hemant Latawa
by Hemant Latawa
Posted: Sep 24, 2020
slotting machines

Slotting machine operate by using a mounted blade in combination with a movable table that moves metal back and forth to produce cuts and shapes. Shaping machines usually comprise a cutting tool that is installed vertically. Due to this, slotting machines are commonly referred as vertical shapers. Although, in some cases slotters are distinguished as having fixed blades while shapers have '

Choosing a slotting machine

The most important factors while choosing a slotting machine are the stroke length, spindle orientation, motor power and slotter characteristics.

Stroke length: It states the reach of ram that holds and propels the cutting tool. A large stroke creates a farther cut forward and backside. The hit can be usually set in the range of lengths.

Spindle orientations: It states the specific type of shaping machine based on the direction of its stroke. Slotting machines usually use vertically mounted cutting tools, however can have horizontal or angled blades fixed to a vertical ram.

Motor power: It is the magnitude of power the motor offers to drive the ram and cutting tool. It is usually measured in horsepower. Larger motors offer the power to cut bigger sized workpieces needing deeper strokes at higher speeds.

Features on slotting machines can also state its significance in different applications. These include rotary tables which allow slotters to machine curved surfaces and digital automation through computer numerical control.

Several sizing properties may also be essential based on the type of components being machined for example ram and throat adjustment lengths, ram bearing length, table diameter and space between head and table. Slotting machines are used to cut grooves and slots in shapes and holes while additionally smoothing the component surface. As they are more cost effective at high production rates because of their reproducibility and consistency, slotting machines are commonly used in high volume applications. They are used in steel rolling mills, paper mills, power plants, textile factories, tool rooms etc.

Produced by a professional slotting machine manufacturer, these machines offer the following features: added rotating feed motion of work table, used normally for machining internal surfaces, vertical tool reciprocation by down stroke acting, less tough and rigid and longer stroke length

Common applications of slotting machine are:

Inside keyways and splines, straight dagger of internal spur gears, curved face of circular section, internal oil grooves and others which cannot be produced in shaping machines, enlargement and finishing hole bordered by several flat surfaces, internal grooves and slots of rectangular with curved sections, blind geometrical holes similar to hexagonal socket and internal flat surfaces.

It should be kept in mind that efficiency and process capacity of slotter machines are not sufficient and therefore are used for piece production necessary by maintenance in repair in light engineering. Field of application of slotter machine for production has been more limited by more and regular application of broach machines. Slotting machine is widely used for light cuts and improved feed making slots in smaller jobs.For More Details Visit Daljit Machine Website

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