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Advantages of Printer slotter machine

Author: Rahul Jain
by Rahul Jain
Posted: Sep 21, 2018

The slotter machine has been a staple in the printing for hundreds of years, and have seen a number of technological advancements to lead to the modern printer slotter machines we see today. Slotter machines are crucial for flex prints where they are known as flexo printer slotter machines, and they vary in terms of specifications like RPM (rotations per minute), paper coverage area etc. Modern Flexo printer slotter die cutters can also be used for CNC applications and used in a number of sectors apart from printing. In this article we will talk exclusively about the advantages of printer slotter machines:

Automated process: Printer slotter machines were invented to the replace the extensive manual labor required to do perforations, printings and cuttings in favour of machine cutting by dyes. A standard slotter machine includes a transmission axle supported by two or more rollers to keep the sheets in place. The dyes and cutting stereos placed on the machines then go about making precision cuts and perforations wherever required. Printer slotter machines are known for their precision and machine operation means that you will cut down significantly on manpower and increase production.

Speed: Modern slotter machines run at mind boggling speeds which can range from anywhere between 75 RPM to 800 RPM. These units are further translated to ‘Economic speed’, which refers to the capacity of the machine to handle the number of sheets. Using slotter machines is definitely faster than using manual labor. If you are looking to speed up your business of lex or other types of printing, then getting a high quality slotter machine is the key to speeding up your production.

Accuracy: Printer slotter machines, offer unmatched precision and accuracy, and when combined with CNC tools, can be accurate to the nanometre. The modern printing needs of today cannot be fulfilled without machine precision, where advertisers and such are very particular about sizes, placements, colors etc. the mechanism of a slotter machine is based on a steel surface where the paper is fed by the machine, and eventually passes through rollers. The rollers can be customised to a high degree and when used in combination with customised dyes, delivers pinpoint accuracy in terms of areas printed and cutting. A lot of businesses around the world, employe slotter machines solely, for their accuracy and precision.

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