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What Must You Do To Take Proper Care Of Your Lash Extension Adhesive

Author: Riki William
by Riki William
Posted: Sep 25, 2020
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Many ladies wear eyelash extensions to lend their eyelashes a fuller look. A very important item for them is an Eyelash Extension Adhesive. Why? This item adds to the retention of eyelash extensions. Premium lash extension glue lends a lash extension a considerable amount of retention. It would help if you took very good care of your adhesive. Several factors can impact whether lash extension glue performs at its best. However, ladies who have excellent good glue knowledge can make the most of their glue. Below, we will discuss how to take good care of a lash extension glue to make it perform the best.

Shaking The Adhesive Bottle Before Starting A Fill

Picture a liquid foundation bottle that you last used several weeks ago. You can make out a film of oil starting above the foundation. What will be your natural reaction to make it right? It will be to shake that bottle before use. The same can be said for the lash extension glue.

Eyelash extension adhesives do not just contain cyanoacrylate, which helps with adhesion. It also has other intricate compounds, including thickener, stabilizer, pigments, hardening accelerator, etc.

Thus, a separation of layers will happen due to the different density of every component as it sits in the bottle for some time.

Thus, it would help if you shook the glue for mixing all the constituents of the glue well. In this way, you ensure the finest performance and retention of the glue. You should shake the bottle before starting a new set to guarantee that the glue is at its optimum working quality. Of course, you must make sure you use quality glue.

Using The Adhesive Properly During A Fill

As you dispense a glue drop, you should not make contact to the surface. The reason is that there is a chance of the surface area being contaminated with dust. There are chances that this dust gets sucked into the adhesive bottle.

Air present in the bottle of glue can significantly disturb the freshness of the glue. The adhesive exposed to oxygen could have a shorter life. To be certain, you should lookout for a dense and sticky consistency or blocked glue bottle. You can prevent air from entering their bottle by burping it following use. It would help if you squeezed the bottle gently following use to remove these bubbles.

You must take a piece of paper and wipe their glue nozzle instantly after use. You should avoid using any material containing lint. The reason is that there is a likelihood of the lint sticking to the nozzle. On this happening repeatedly, the adhesive lid won’t close appropriately, and the lifespan of the adhesive will shorten. Even though you take these measures, you should make sure you use quality glue that has a long life.

Keeping The Adhesive Bottle Cool And Dry

The average shelf life of adhesive bottles that have been opened is four weeks. However, an adhesive bottle could go bad earlier if the adhesive isn’t taken proper care of. It would help if you kept the bottle out of the sun. You should keep the lash adhesive bottle in a cool and dark place after using it.

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