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What are the benefits of playing guitar with a metronome?

Author: Rahul Raheja
by Rahul Raheja
Posted: Oct 02, 2020

You must have heard a lot of people say that learning how to play guitar with a metronome is a must for all beginners. For starters, Metronome is an instrument that produces a clicking sound after equal intervals to help the player follow the tempo. But how much does that help you increase your efficiency while playing the guitar? Let’s find out.

The most common question that arises is - should you learn alongside a metronome or play along with a song. And it is proven that playing with a metronome as a beginner is one of the fastest ways to learn guitar. It not only helps you stay in tempo and you can hear each note clearly, helping you get your basics of timing down.

A metronome removes everything so you can concentrate on clicks and focus better. This not only helps you play other songs better but also when you start creating music of your own, you will stay in tempo naturally and sound incredible. Think about it, you train your mind to play in quarters, eighths, sixteenths, and triplets - those are what lay down the base for all music. Music is nothing but patterns that our brain absorbs.

Another thing worth mentioning, when you go out in the world and get serious about your music, you are required to play all your music in a specified tempo. Practicing and basing your music learning on the metronome, this will almost come naturally to you. You will have no trouble in creating grooves and sticking to the tempo.

Now comes the part where you actually learn how to play with a metronome without it becoming too boring or annoying (because let’s be honest, no one likes the irritating clicking sound that it makes). You need to see it as a tool that helps you get better and not your enemy. You need to begin slow, and we mean really-mind-numbingly-slow. Then gradually take it up from there. Play what you already know you can play but sometimes you mess up a note or take too long to adjust your fingers. That way your fingers will get well aware of how to make it in time to make the transition smoother. You will be happy to track your own progress after spending some time with a metronome.

It is no rocket science. The more accustomed your fingers get to the fretboard, the better you will become as a musician. And, metronome helps you do just that. It helps you so used to play your guitar the correct way on that you can easily stay on the beat and hold the tempo. It’s funny how if you play with a metronome your body creates a sort of an internal metronome that is like the foundation playing and creating music.

Bottom line is, keeping a steady tempo is an essential part of becoming a skilled musician and it will be greatly beneficial for you if you get your start itself in being neat and tidy with your tunes. All the best!

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