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Signs You Need to See an Eye Doctor

Author: Alex Joe
by Alex Joe
Posted: Oct 06, 2020

Our ability to see is one of the most crucial senses that we humans possess. Our eyes allow us to perceive our world in the fastest way as compared to our other senses. Which is why when our eyes are affected by any condition that may affect our vision, we must seek medical advice from an Eye Doctor right away to restore our sight back to its normal function. There are those, however, that choose not to consult a doctor due to them downplaying their condition and disregarding them as nothing serious. Here are some of the signs one must look out for which are clear indicators that we must seek the attention of an Eye Doctor right away.

To maintain good eye health, one should consider taking eye exams as often as needed. These exams are comprehensive tests devised by Eye Doctors which can determine the overall condition of the eyes. Through the tests, the doctor can detect early onset of eye diseases, which can be useful since early detection can prevent the disease from progressing much further in time. Individuals who do not regularly take eye exams can look into these signs which can be good indications that they currently have a condition in their eyes which deviates from the normal.

Having vision problems at night or while driving

One good means to gage the functionality of one’s eyes is to check if you have problems in seeing while in the dark or in the far distance. To hit both stones at once, if you own a vehicle you can try driving nearby at night. If you have trouble in seeing the road ahead at night, your eyes might be affected by a certain condition. Usually vision problems at night can be corrected with proper eyewear. For some cases however, it might be a sign of the early stages of a cataract. Seeking an ophthalmologist can help give you the correct assessment of the true cause of vision problems at night.

Experiencing high or increased eye pressure

Excessive pressure at the back of the eye can often be mistaken as a simple headache or a sinus problem. If the pain persists and can be felt near the eyes, then the condition is more likely caused by such pressure. The condition can lead to glaucoma when untreated.

Red/pink eyes

Our eyes are often the subject of irritation due to dust and dirt in our environment. This can lead to our eyes becoming reddish or pinkish in color. Irritants can be removed by eye drops. If the drops do not help alleviate the condition, our red/pink eyes may be caused by something more serious. It can be due to allergies, conjunctivitis (inflammation of the conjunctiva), or even glaucoma.

Seeing halos when looking at a light source

When looking at a light source, a few of us might observe seeing halo-like shapes. While they are pretty to look at, they must not be taken lightly. Seeing halo shapes can be an early sign of a cataract forming in the eye. Left untreated, cataracts can lead to total loss of vision.

Sensitivity to Light

Looking at a light source can cause pain or discomfort for some of us. Experiencing pain when looking into the light can be an early sign of inflammation of the cornea or the transparent layer than covers the pupil and iris. An eye doctor can clarify the true reason for a patient’s vision sensitivity to light as it can also be caused by factors that are external to the eyes such as allergies or other illnesses.

Pain in the eyes

This is one of the most serious signs that you should seek the help of an eye doctor right away. Severe eye pain can lead to temporary vision loss. Typically, eye pain is due to some type of glaucoma which also causes headaches, blurry vision, and nausea. Aside from glaucoma, it can also be the effect of dry eyes, allergies, or even an infection. Once the pain does not subside over a couple of days, immediately have your eyes checked by a doctor right away.

Eye Doctors have the needed expertise to determine the exact cause of any condition which affects our eyes and in turn, our ability to see. They are more than capable to help you in gaining your eyes’ normal function. If you are having difficulties in finding a doctor nearby, you can look online into sites that can offer comprehensive lists of contacts of eye specialists within your area so that you no longer have to go far to seek medication for your eyes. Early detection can help spare your eyes by preventing the condition from becoming much worse. If you have one or more of the signs elaborated above, consult your nearest eye doctor right away.

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