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What is Tally? How to Use Tally?

Author: Komal Komal
by Komal Komal
Posted: Oct 09, 2020

What is Tally? What is the Use of Tally?

If you have heard the name of Tally software anywhere, it will definitely happen, and a question must have come into your mind that what is Tally? What is the use of Tally software? So today I am going to answer all these questions, in today’s article, we will tell you that what is Tally and Tally course Duration?

How do we download Tally software and how is Tally worked on, as well as we will also tell you what are the benefits of doing the Tally course? How to learn Tally? If you want answers to all your questions related to Tally, then read this article completely.

Tally Meaning in Hindi? What does tally mean?

By the way, Tally means to calculate in Maths language, which we can say that (mixing). And in computer language, we know it as Tally. If you go to Google and search for the meaning of Tally in the Hindi language, then you will find a lot of meaning of Tally, let’s look at all these meanings with some examples.

Hindi Meaning Of Tally:- Areas Follows……

Tally is a verb mean as in hindi


coincide, match, correspond, tally, concur, parallel




total, tally, figure out, cipher, cipher


figure out, account, calculate, total, numerate, tally


total, tally


count, itemize, reckon, numerate, total, tally


stick a label, tag, tally


What is Tally & Where does it came from..?

First of all, know what is the full form of Tally? The full form of word Tally is "Transactions Allowed in a Liner Line Yards". Tally is a famous international financial accounting software, with the help of which we can maintain our account very easily with the help of a computer.

Tally Software is developed by Tally solution Pvt Limited and Tally Solution Pvt limited company is in Bangalore from where you can take all the facility.

Tally Solution PVT ltd Company which is one of the most famous companies in India. The father of Tally is Mr. Shyam Sunder Goenka and his son Bharat Goenka.

What is the full form of ERP?

The Full form of ERP Let’s know: –

We got all the information about Tally but one question which confuses us is, what is this ERP? What does ERP mean after all? Let us know what is ERP? What is the full form of ERP? Let us know all the information related to ERP.

The Full Form of ERP is (Enterprise Resource Planning). We use ERP, every Big / Small company uses to manage their business, if seen ERP is connected to our business itself. With the help of ERP, we appropriately manage our data and can store our data very easily.

What is Tally ERP 9? The Use of Tally ERP 9? Let's know :-

ERP means (Enterprise Resource Planning) with the help of this, we can complete our work very easily. If seen, Tally ERP 9 software is used to file (Voucher Entry, Financial Statements, Taxation, Payroll, POS (Point of Sale), and GST Return and Simplify Accounting, Tally’s Latest Version only We call it Tally ERP 9.

The History of Tally :-

Tally’s history is very old when Tally Solution who created the tally was named Peutronics. I would like to tell you that in 1986 Tally software was developed by both Shyam Sundar Goenka and his son Bharat Goenka,

If you talk about Shyam Sundar Goenka, then he used to work in a place where there was no software available to record all the information related to Accounting and Inventory, etc, then he created a software through which to overcome this problem.

You can properly maintain the accounting of your business, which you and we know by the name of Tally. Tally’s latest version Tally 6.3 was launched in 2001. However, this version of Tally was a bit modern and advanced as it also had the facility of 2 Educational and License Version along with Accounting.

The Very first version of Tally 6.3 was launched in 2001. However, this version of Tally was a bit modern and advanced as it also had the facility of 2 Educational and License Version along with Accounting.

Similarly, new Bugs-2 features were added to this software every year by fixing the bugs in it, which will help the self users to operate this software.

Tally’s 7.2 version came on the market in 2005, in which you could easily calculate VAT, similarly in 2006 Tally 8.1 and Tally9.0 Versions were introduced in the market in a few months, which is much higher liked by the customers.

In 2009, Tally launched its new version Tally ERP 9 in which you can easily manage accounting with the help of ERP, and finally by 2016 Tally stepped into the market with GST, which was a huge initiative.

Finally, just a few days ago Tally released its latest version 6.6 in which you can easily view all the reports of Tally in your smartphones.

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