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Make the Most of Vietnam Tours – Choose Vivutravel!

Author: Vivu Travel
by Vivu Travel
Posted: Oct 10, 2020
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Vietnam tours offer a look into a diverse country, in terms of wildlife, landscape, climate, cuisine, and culture. From the northern mountain regions to the central highlands to the deltas along the vast coast, Vietnam is a country of color and beauty.

Wildcats and small primates make their homes in the forests, while crocodiles swim the rivers. The monsoon seasons bring vast amounts of rain, making much of the country lush and green.

Before you take the Tour – Let’s give you an Insight of the Ancient History of Vietnam:

Vietnam has a long history of conquest and independence, and thus a long history of mixed influences from Chinese to Western. From 111 B.C. to 938 A.D. Vietnam was under Chinese control, but the Vietnamese gained sovereignty from the Chinese at last and have enjoyed nearly a millennium of independence. Vietnam is currently a Communist state, though it has implemented necessary economic reforms in recent years, and is also allowing for a growing private sector.

Hanoi, the capital city, is located along the Red River in the north, while Ho Chi Minh City along the Mekong River delta in the south is Vietnam’s main cultural and economic center. During your Vietnam tours, be sure to include a visit to Ho Chi Mihn. A tour of Ho Chi Minh City offers a source of myriad delights, from the sweet southern food to the theatre and opera productions.

The men and women engage in creating their local handicrafts, from intricately woven baskets and handmade blankets to the unique clothing of each different clan. Be sure to sample the local cuisine during your Vietnam tours. The food is unique from region to region—Northern, Central, and Southern cuisines all have distinct flavors.

Discover Local Culture on the Vietnam Tour:

Despite long years of foreign occupation, Vietnam has developed a rich and unique culture, a combination of historical Chinese and modern Western influences. During your Vietnam tours you are likely to hear a variety of languages and dialects. While the official language is Vietnamese (kinh), the country’s many ethnic minorities speak dozens of different languages. English is becoming an increasingly popular second language, along with Chinese, French, and Russian and several mountain-area languages.

The Weather in Vietnam:

In order to get the best out of your Vietnam Tours, be sure you are familiar with the local weather and the best seasons to travel. Due to the narrow length of the country, Vietnam’s weather varies greatly from one area to another. When one part of the country is too hot or too humid or too dry, another part is certain to be lovely and pleasant.

Wildlife Discovery on a Vietnam Tour:

From the elephants and tapirs that roam the central highlands to the crocodiles that lurk in lakes and rivers, Vietnam is home to a great diversity of wildlife. The forests are home to tigers, snow leopards, black bears, sun bears, various species of deer and wild oxen, and small creatures like porcupines, otters, mongooses, skunks, and flying squirrels. If you have the time to do a little birding during your Vietnam tours, the country offers over 600 species of land and water birds found in just the southern part of Vietnam.

Yes! You can visit Vietnam without Stressing much about the Ongoing Covid-19 Situation:

The serious pandemic crisis has made people around the world struggle for the loving care they need. The health care systems of some countries have come under pressure and face medical shortages and critical medical supplies such as personal protective equipments, breathing apparatus, and masks. All of this may create the post-pandemic tourism trend that tourists will prefer destinations with more advanced medical facilities or infrastructure. Because of that, visitors will feel more secure when experiencing medical emergencies when visiting that place.

Why Vietnam?

Vietnam is blessed with amazing green-lands, rich culture, great cuisine, pristine beaches, friendly people, etc. Vietnam is also one of a few countries that has been controlling Corona Virus very well. Vietnam will surely be a green and safe destination to visit after Covid-19 is over. If you are planning to visit Vietnam post Covid-19 or whenever the tourism starts to function properly, Vivutravel is here to assist you in planning the most memorable holiday in Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos or combination. Contact us right away!

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