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How To Trim Down Your Wallet

Author: Robert Smith
by Robert Smith
Posted: Sep 04, 2014
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Although women and men both use wallets to carry their money and other essentials, women have the advantage of being able to put their wallets inside their purses where the can also carry things that are large. For men, once the wallet gets to the point that it is too fat to lay flat, it also becomes a nuisance to carry. If you have ever made the statement that "I hate big fat wallets", you are not alone. Although you may feel that you only carry the essentials with you, taking a look at what is really in your wallet could give you a better perspective of what is really important and what is not.

Need Vs. Want

Although many men carry little more than money and credit cards in their wallets, too many credit cards can quickly result in your having a wallet that is too fat. Lay your credit cards out and think seriously about which ones you really need on a regular basis. A Visa or MasterCard that you can use almost any place you go is a good one to have with you all the time. A store credit card, on the other hand, may only be used once or twice a year. Not only is it not necessary to carry it with you at all times, it puts you at risk of losing it or having it stolen. If you aren’t sure if a credit card is a want or a need, ask yourself, "Do I hate big fat wallets more than I need to shop at this store?"

You can always use your regular credit card if you have an urgent purchase that you need to make. Most people can get by just fine with a single credit card and a bank debit card that works in the same way. This gives you the option to charge items or withdraw payment from the bank according to your immediate needs.

Essentials for Your Wallet

Although getting rid of the things you don’t need in your wallet is an important step in thinning it down, there are some things that you should always carry with you including:

  • Health Insurance Card
  • Driver’s License
  • Emergency Contact Information

Make Cleaning Your Wallet into a Daily Habit

Many men automatically put receipts, phone numbers, business cards and any other piece of paper someone hands them into their wallets. If you can’t get out of this habit, then at least make it a new habit to clean out the items from your wallet that really need to be elsewhere. Have a designated place for keeping receipts and you can keep your wallet trimmed down and keep track of important transactions for taxes, returns, or accounting at the same time.

Shop for a New Wallet

Most men are adamant about using a specific type of wallet. Maybe you really like the tri-fold style and haven’t made the connection between your feelings of "I hate big fat wallets" and the way the style keeps everything in layers in the same minimal area. A longer two-fold wallet spreads out the items inside and maintains a flatter appearance in your pocket. Once you adjust to a new style, you may find that using the wrong wallet was your problem all along.

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Author: Robert Smith
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