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5 Benefits Of Music Mastering

Author: Robert Smith
by Robert Smith
Posted: Sep 04, 2014
music mastering

As an audience of music lovers, all we have to do is to hear a song and decide whether or not we enjoy it. But when you are the maker of the music, there are steps that must be taken to prepare your audio creation so that it can become a chart topper.

The musician writes the music and adds in the lyrics. He or she records the music, and then it goes through the mixing process where the tracks are integrated together. Music mastering is a major step in cleaning up and polishing the audio files for continuity to create a flawless final product. The final step is replicating the music so that you can make as many copies as you need.

Music mastering is a major step in this artistic process and one that should not be ignored or skipped over. The application of music mastering often make the difference between a professional presence and the attempts of an amateur. Here are the benefits of having your music professionally mastered.

  1. The engineer will take all of the tracks of your song and make sure they are balanced and equalized to create a smooth sounding CD. The same is true of the additional songs that will become a part of the finished product. When each song is recorded it is under different settings. Bringing all of these variables together so that it sounds like all the songs were recorded at the same time is the sign of a musically mastered CD.
  2. In addition, the volume level of all songs must be coordinated so that the music flows evenly. It is annoying to watch television and when the commercials come on you have to adjust the volume because they are so loud. The professional engineer makes sure that this does not happen on the CD he is mastering.
  3. Another area that is addressed is the way one song ends and the next one begins. Any extra sounds that shouldn’t be on the tracks are removed and the end result is a smooth transition from one tune to the next.
  4. While a musical engineer cannot make inferior music into a hit, he can make good music even better with a few adjustments. Making a tune that may be a little flat come to life is the sign of a good music master.
  5. Unifying your audio files so that they will sound the same no matter what sound system they are played on is a major feature. The engineer will also make sure the information about the CD – the name of the artist, title of the CD and the names of the songs are added.

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Each step that goes into the creation of a CD is vital but it is the music mastering that makes the difference between a good song and a professionally produced product. It is something that should not be compromised because once the master copy has been created you can’t go back to undo any mistakes.

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