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Complete Ecommerce Shipping Solution Guide: Costs, Returns, Packaging, Carriers, & More

Author: Selected Firms
by Selected Firms
Posted: Oct 17, 2020
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You add several efforts to make sure that your customers would have the best experience. You probably have been following all the needed goals to make your customers happy and satisfied. But when it comes to shipping, it may probably feel like you are going to trust a stranger.

Going with some thought and planning can truly help you in this way. Shipping is regarded as a key part of your business. It is regarded as the point where a customer may finally experience your product being in person. It may also depict a huge expense in your business based on your shipping strategy.

Therefore, it is quite important to make sure that a sophisticated shipping strategy is being followed. The fact cannot be ignored that the world of shipping and fulfillment can go a bit tricky. Here, we are going to make you have the best information in this regard.

Shipping Strategy 101 –

Some basics need to set a foundation regarding your shipping. You may come back and change each of these later on. Let us check it out in a detailed manner –

  • Shipping Rates and Methods – First, you need to understand that are you going to pass the full cost of shipping on to your customers or would you offer free or flat-rate shipping to mitigate some or all of the cost.

  • Source Your Packaging – You may place an order to have free packaging from UPS, USPS, or DHL in case if it is a part of your strategy.

  • Do Check On The Product Weights – Do measure and update the weight of each product you are going to sell. Holding that way much information can truly help you to grab a good sense of your total costs. Go with accurate prices to build up trust with your customers.

  • Time To Choose Your Preferred Packaging –What sort of packaging would be ideal for your product, you may mention that information to Shopify so that accurate shipping prices could be calculated.

Do Offer Free Shipping –

You may offer your customers free shipping since it is an ideal way to mitigate shopping cart abandonment. Shipping has never been free since someone has to pay for it. To make shipping work completely free, you may go with new options such as –

  • To increase product prices to cover the cost of shipping

  • You may pay the entire cost of shipping out of your margins

  • Do increase the price of the product a bit so that partial costs of shipping could be covered

  • Do introduce a discount code to specific customers in respect of free shipping

You may also go with the option of introducing free shipping even on a minimum order amount. This procedure can truly help in a sophisticated manner to offset the costs of shipping helping to enhance your average order size.

To Charge Real-Time Carrier Rates –

Talking about another effective shipping strategy, it is needed to make sure that you charge the real-time carrier rate for shipping. Ecommerce platforms such as Shopify goes with real-time following a variety of carrier such as Canada Post, USPS, etc., so that more shipping options could be generated. It also makes it possible for your customer to choose and pay the exact service which they require.

Need To Consider Your Margins –

The next thing you need to consider to get successful at ecommerce is that you are required to keep an eye on your profit margins. If you circumvent it, you probably end up losing money on shipping. Before making a final decision on this, it would be better to work on the price and strategy of your ecommerce stores such as packaging, cost of product, custom, credit card fee, profit margin, and shipping costs.

Shipping Carriers –

Magento Development Company In the USA experts also emphasizes that you should make sure that you are going to choose an ideal shipping carrier indeed. There are several options available to choose from.

Ecommerce Packaging –

The next topic to emphasize is choosing the right ecommerce packaging such as choosing your packaging, custom packaging, eco-friendly packaging, and so on.

Tracking Shipments and Returns –

The shipping process does not get end up once the carrier picks up an order. You would be needed to go ahead to have a great customer experience after having the order’s journey.

  • Order Management – It is all about referring to the process of keeping track of, fulfilling customer orders, and so on. It is time to go with the ideal order management strategy and shipping software so that it could help in the context of backordered products, reduce stockouts and so on.

  • Tracking Ecommerce Shipments – When you ship an order, it needs to make sure that do pass the tracking number on to the customer. Following an order management system makes it possible to track the shipment every time.

  • Managing Ecommerce Returns - Return can be an essential headache for ecommerce businesses but going with an ideal ecommerce return process is needed. Studies done by Magento Development Company In the USA say that if the return process is not good then customers may not come back to you.

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