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Diamond Cut: buying tips, guide, and overview

Author: Naman Modi
by Naman Modi
Posted: Oct 18, 2020

Diamond is a valuable and much-sought item. That's why everyone is keen on the diamond cut. Never ignore a diamond cut since it affects diamond brilliance and price. A flat or deep diamond cut will lose light reflected in the sun.

While brilliance is among the diamond's calibers, the cut affects how much your diamond's beauty will sparkle. Ensure you are not swayed by the word 'diamond cut'. It's a complex process that involves more than giving your diamond shape.

Best guide to use when you are buying diamond

Consider diamond cut grade.

If you seek to buy a quality diamond, you should look at the diamond cut grade. There is a recognized and accepted GIA grading that helps to determine how best the diamond cut should be. Diamond cut grades range from outstanding to lower grades. The excellent cut diamond offers you the highest level of brilliance and fire. On the other hand, a poorly diamond cut doesn't show any brilliance or fire.

You can get a quality cut diamond. But ensure to examine all diamond cut grades from a given diamond. That way, you are confident of getting the quality that you seek. Don't get yourself riffed off your cash. Ensure you examine diamond cut grade to help you get the best out of the diamond you intend to buy.

Examine the diamond cut quality

This is another critical aspect you should look at when buying a diamond. Various factors determine a cut of the diamond, and each of them affects the fire and brilliance of the diamond. When all those factors are stuck up, they affect the quality of the diamond cut. These factors include

  1. The proportion of diamond cut

The proportion of diamond cut is linked to its size, shape, and angle. These features are connected to a diamond's internal properties. A diamond cut with the right proportion needs to have each facet inclined at angles. That will maximize the quantity of light that passes through..

  1. Symmetry

For quality diamond cut, ensure it has asymmetrical cut. That means it has balanced facets that have proper alignments. With an asymmetrical diamond cut, it is going to compromise the sparkle.

  1. Diamond polish

Ensure to consider the polish of the diamond before buying. The polish grade of a diamond will determine how smooth its facets will appear after cut and polishing. Do you seek a glazed look from your diamond? You will have to polish each facet after the diamond cut process keenly. That will allow your stone to show maximum brilliance.


If you want to have a diamond you are proud of, ensure you look at the diamond cut. Poorly cut diamond affects prices, brilliance, and fire. You can use an accepted diamond cut grade to help determine if it's right for you. The diamond cut grades range from excellent to poor. It will also be necessary or required for you to look at the quality of the diamond cut. Ensure to look at diamond polish, symmetrical diamond cut, as well as the proportion of a diamond. When it comes to the quality of a diamond, they matters a lot.

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