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How to Select a Regression Testing Automation Tool 

Author: Alisha Henderson
by Alisha Henderson
Posted: Oct 18, 2020
regression testing

Regression testing is undoubtedly one of the most important software testing types. It helps in identifying and fixing the bug whenever a change is made in the product and validates that the existing functionality of software works as expected even after several changes.

Combining automation with regression testing helps to speed up the testing process and reduces the chances of errors. There are various automated regression testing tools available to perform automate regression tests but selecting one of them for your business is a tedious task as it involves careful planning and deep understanding.

Automated regression testing is very helpful for businesses as it helps teams to save their time, effort, and money. But, selecting the best tool that meets all your business requirements is quite challenging. Below mentioned are some steps that you can follow to select the best regression testing automation tool.

How to select a regression testing automation tool

Understand the project requirements

A regression test is performed to ensure that the code change in the software does not affect the existing functionality of the product. The regression testing tool should be such that it finds bugs quickly and maintains the quality of software. To select the right automation regression testing tool you should have a deep understanding of the project, its scope, and the team’s ability to run these tools.

You should know what needs to be automated and what needs to be performed manually. Be very clear on the number of test cases that need automation. This basic understanding will help you select the right tool for your business.

Find problems with existing tools and process and set a benchmark

Carefully examine your current processes and tools. Find out the problems in your current processes and see how automation can help you overcome these challenges. Tools that you are using currently should be evaluated and checked for test coverage, language support, browser compatibility, ease of use and access, customer support, etc. This will help you to understand what is required in a new tool and hence it will become easier for you to select the best tool for your business.

Evaluate criteria for selecting the best automation tool

In addition to the parameters that have been discussed above, there are some more criteria that you should consider while selecting the right regression testing automation tool.

Ease of developing and maintaining test scripts: The tool should allow easy creation and maintenance of test scripts. Every time you run a regression test the tool should be able to create automated test scripts quickly and update it whenever required.

Ease of use and access: The tool should be easy to learn and use. If the teams find it difficult to use the tool then that tool is not suitable for your projects. The tool should be easy enough for even a non-technical person to learn and use it.

Support web, desktop, and mobile apps: You don’t need three different tools for three different platforms. Now many tools are available in the market that supports all three platforms at a time. Try to find such tools and use them.

Automated scheduling of test: The tool should be able to automatically run the test in specific and regular intervals. It should allow parallel execution of tests in all environments.

Cross-browser testing: Today people use apps on various browsers, therefore software needs to work fine on all browsers. To check this select a tool that supports regression testing on all browsers.

Detailed reports: The tool should provide detailed reports of the test which are easy to understand and provides valuable insights.

Compare the possible alternatives and pick the best tool

Once you have selected tools that meet all the criteria, choose one tool that best suits your business and project requirements. You can create a matrix to compare possible alternatives and selecting the best one. There are many matrices available online which you can use to compare and select the best tool for your business.


Automated regression testing has brought a revolution in the testing process. It helps the teams in saving considerable time, money, and efforts. Several automated regression testing tools are available in the market, still, business face challenges while selecting the best tool that fulfills their requirements.Leverage our automated regression testing services to get a high-quality product that meets all your business requirements and delivers a seamless experience to customers.

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