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5 Typical Misconceptions about Computer Programming

Author: Jack Thomson
by Jack Thomson
Posted: Oct 22, 2020
computer programming

In this era of technology, every single person wants to become a programmer. Computer programming, because of becoming a hot topic of today’s generation, also possess to have more than many misconceptions. In the present age, it is crucial to have a website for a small to large business.

It is not a difficult task to develop a website because many templates are available for you as well as many cheap web hosting companies ready to launch your website. Because of such a growing need for websites and web applications, it is easy for youngsters to be out of track. Every person has their ideas and thoughts about coding, so that is why today we are talking about the five biggest misconceptions regarding computer programming.

1. You need mathematical skills:

The biggest misconception that you can find almost everywhere is that math comes before you even want to think about computer programming. You have to excel in mathematical skills before thinking about choosing this field. Well, breaking news, this isn’t true at all. It is easy to confuse mathematics with the programming because, at some point, you need to know simple functions, but programming is not heavily dependent upon mathematics. A programmer spends their time working on the coding and not solving complex math equations. There is a need for algebra in coding, and you can learn it in a day. For other problems, there are libraries and plugins that you can use for your benefit.

2. All languages are the same:

Another misconception is that all the programming languages are almost the same. It is a great mistake if you think that you know all the other languages if you know even one language. All the computer languages indeed have the same basics, but other than that, they have many differences. Every language has its syntaxes, and they work differently.

3. It is not for everyone:

Programming is often known as a demanding major, and people think that only genius can do well in programming. Programming does not depend on the IQ level but your interest. If you are interested in coding and have problem-solving skills, then you can opt for a programming major. You do the programming by learning the language, so if you have any interest in programming, then my sincere suggestion is that go for it.

4. University is essential:

People think that you have to go to university for the learning of a programming language. It is wrong on so many levels. There are tutorials and other interactive platforms available that will help you in your path. If you think you need a guru, then know that your computer is your only guru.

5. Learn the best language:

Every language has a specific place in computer programming. There is no best and worst language because they have a sole purpose. You need to learn the language that helps you with your goal. Choosing a language depends on what type of task you want to do with that language. If it serves your purpose, then it is appropriate.

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