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Top 10 myths about ITIL Framework

Author: Nicky Bella
by Nicky Bella
Posted: Oct 22, 2020

In the world of IT Service Management, ITIL provides practices to meet the demands of customers. Well, it has also become the de facto standard of IT Service Management. The practices prescribed in the Information Technology Infrastructure Library or ITIL framework are important to push the quality of IT Service Management.

Well, as the ITIL framework is taken as the default framework for IT Service Management, therefore their certain misconceptions too related to the ITIL framework. In this article, we will discuss the top 10 myths about the ITIL framework.

Top 10 myths

  1. ITIL implementation

Most of the articles and blogs glorify the term implementation of ITIL. This is impractical, and it is not at all. The ITIL is defined as a framework, which consists of principles, guidelines, protocols, and policies. These principles are practice bases principles. And these can be readily practiced by an ITIL based organization. The ITIL framework is basically used by the IT service management of any organization to produce IT services that are capable of supporting businesses.

  1. It is a standard

This is another common myth related to ITIL as the ITIL framework is used by most companies and organizations for the improvement of their IT infrastructure. And it is called a set of IT practices. Many people think that ITIL is a standard. But in reality, it is just a framework for IT Service Management. In fact, any organization is not bound to choose the ITIL framework as there are many other frameworks for the betterment of IT Service Management in any organization.

  1. ITIL is a project.

This myth is a bit comical, but there is nothing true about it. In reality, one can say that ITIL is linked with the project, but ITIL itself is a framework. Well, the ITIL practices are implemented to drive any project.

  1. Concept of ITIL Compliant Product

It is a basic contradiction related to ITIL. There is no concept known as ITIL Compliant Product. Rather the principles of the ITIL framework can only be used to design, develop, and produce a service.

  1. ITIL is an organization

The ITIL is a set of practice-based principles that can be utilized by any organization. And an individual can learn to use these principles by learning from the ITIL certification course.

  1. ITIL certifications are achieved by organizations

These ITIL certifications are designed for individuals who work in any organization that uses the ITIL framework to deploy services. The ITIL framework is used by organizations, and no organization can achieve the ITIL certification, but an individual can.

  1. ITIL is meant for mammoth organizations

There is a massive conception about ITIL, and this is the ITIL meant for mammoth organizations only. On the contrary, the ITIL framework is meant for all types of industries and all sizes of organizations. A small-scale organization can practice ITIL principles, and a large scale MNC can also practice the ITIIL principles whatsoever.

  1. The course and books for ITIL are enough.

When it comes to practicing the ITIL practices in real than bookish knowledge will not help out much. In order to get fine results from ITIL, one has to take pieces of training and can interact with the ITIL certified professionals. Working in any organization demands real-life experience of practicing the ITIL principles. However, such experiences are vital for an individual to achieve the ITIL certification too.

  1. There is a limitation in using the ITIL processes.

Most people have a misconception about practicing the ITIL principles, i.e., and an ITIL principle can be practiced only for one time in any process. But in reality, it is the opposite; one can practice the ITIL practices several times during various ITIL processes until and unless the planned result is achieved.

  1. ITIL is the only way out for IT Service Management

It is similar to the myth that ITIL is a standard of IT service management. On the contrary, there are several other practice-based frameworks available in the market, like Agile, Cobid, and so on. And those frameworks can also be used in IT Service Management. Some organizations are based on the ITIL framework, while many other organizations rely upon several other known frameworks and practices.


So, these were the known myths and facts about the ITIL framework and certifications. This article will be helpful for those who have believed in such myths about ITIL.

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