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How to Create a Dating App

Author: Anahit Ghazaryan
by Anahit Ghazaryan
Posted: Nov 05, 2020

Tinder came and to prove that meeting your second half in cinema halls and cafes is something old fashioned. Today people are connected more than ever, using applications for romantic purposes. The lack of time, fast-paced carriers force people to solve relationship problems using high-tech solutions.

Tinder’s success story pushed many app creators to think about similar and yet unique solutions.


The interest in Tinder-like applications is based on mere statistics. According to IBISWorld data, the global market of dating apps is estimated at $4 billion this year and registered 11.9% growth during 2015-2020. The great interest in such an application is simple – the target groups of dating apps are estimated about 57 million users, who spend about 1.5 hours daily on dating apps.

Why developing a dating app?

First of all, creating a dating app is both profitable and society-friendly activity.

According to Statista dating application development is a profitable business: the revenue of the dating market is estimated at $4,754 million this year, the user base growth of such solutions is expected to hit 276.9 million in the next 4 years. Statistics show that 84% of users are looking for a constant relationship while using dating apps.

How to make a dating app

Target group

Before starting the development process it is vitally important to define the target audience. Target groups can be built based on geolocation, age, gender, occupation, or race classifications, however, excluding those who are out of this classification isn’t correct. Classification can be done by demographics, for example, which includes age, gender, race, location, income, and other important metrics.


No application is developed without a proper analysis of main competitors. The issues that must be taken into account are:

  • Features all competitor apps share
  • Features that make them unique
  • Based on reviews list those features that satisfy users most
  • List common issues competitors have

Based on this research, list the features of your future app, including and excluding features that will make your solution unique, user-friendly, and valuable. In this research campaign along with the global competitors include the local competitors as well.

Basic features of dating apps

Matching locations

Location matching, using GPS, is a common feature for almost all dating apps. The application takes the list of users nearby to the candidate, set some distance limits.

AI algorithms

AI algorithms are widely used in dating applications. AI easily finds matching candidates, based on interests, physical preferences, location or other metrics.

User profile

It is a must feature of any dating app. In this section, users fill in personal information. Based on this, AI algorithms search for matching candidates. Also, it is important to include integration with social media platforms, for easing information filling procedures.

Sign in via social media accounts

Quick sign-in availability via social media platforms is an important feature to consider adding in your dating application. Consider adding Google, Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook integrated sign-in opportunity.

Timeline/feed feature

Allowing users to upload their thoughts, media (photos, videos), or share information can bring your dating app to a new level.

Voice chat/ Messaging

Adding voice communication and private text messaging opportunities makes dating apps more flexible and diverse in terms of communication. Some applications set text messaging rules. For example, in Bumble only women can start a conversation.

Banning feature

The banning feature is one of the most important security features so far. Being able to?block and complain against those who harass, send inappropriate content, or?starts uncomfortable chat is a must feature to protect the rights of the users.?

Sure this is a short and basic list concerning how to build a dating app. For detailed information, regarding the marketing and technical sides of the project, make research, read articles, keeping ideas original, and avoiding copying?any of the best-known solutions. Make difference, be unique.?

About the Author

I am a Mobile app product manager at Addevice , a software development company, which specializes in mobile app development.

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