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Bug-Out Property

Author: John Ross
by John Ross
Posted: Nov 07, 2020

Imagine, if you will, that the time comes when you need to bug-out of from your home. This could be due to civil unrest, war, or any number of reasons. Do you know where you would go? Many people will head to a remote state or national park. But there will be many people there and you will unlikely be able to protect yourself by finding a remote place.

At, we recommend purchasing your own piece of property in a remote location where you can run to in case of emergency. You ultimately want to be in a rural location for your bug-out property, and the great thing about rural areas is that land is often cheap. You can purchase land without views in some parts of the country for $6,000 per acre. At that price, most everyone can afford a piece of property for bugging out.

Even if you cannot afford to purchase a property yourself, we recommend going in with like minded friends or family to purchase a property where everyone can congregate. By going this route, you have multiple people who can help defend your property. Just be sure they are people you trust who are unlikely to turn on you. They also need to be people who maintain the same level of preparation that you do. This means that everyone keeps their own stash of food, water, and have their own available shelter.

When you are looking for your land, there are several characteristics you want to to find. First, ideally you would like for the land to be near a stream or other source of water. We like streams because they are running sources of water that are less likely to be contaminated than a stagnant pond or lake. Second, you would like to have animals nearby such as deer or elk that you can hunt for food. The third characteristic you want to look for is the ability to grow food on your land. If you are in the mountains, this means a south facing slope or in a nice valley so there is enough sunshine to grow your produce. A south facing property is also ideal for solar electricity.

Finally, you want to be in a place that is easy to defend. My bug-out property is perched on the top of a cliff. This way I have the high ground so that one side of my property is secured without me needing to do anything while giving me a great vantage point.

On the topic of shelter, you do not need a house on your bug-out property. You can do just fine pitching a tent. Or even better, have a camper trailer where you can park for the time you need to be at the property. A travel trailer is ideal because they are far more inexpensive than an RV. You can even buy a camper trailer which is a glorified tent, but far more comfortable and they usually have a kitchen. We have friends who own camper trailers and their families have a blast using them when they explore the outdoors.

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John Ross is a writer on survival topics and has not only researched how to prepare for emergencies, he puts all his recommendations into practice. You can find his recommendations at

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Author: John Ross

John Ross

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