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The bug out bag list and bug out bag checklist of items to carry

Author: Alison Reid
by Alison Reid
Posted: Mar 06, 2015

There is a huge demand out there for Bug Out Bags or BOBs. The US Treasury Department, in its preparedness had plans to purchase BOBs worth $200,000 for its 3800 plus federal bank examiners. There were also hiring done for experts in several security specialization areas. The question is this – are you prepared to tackle an emergency situation if it arises? If not, then here is your bug out bag checklist and all you need to know about different BOBs. This comprehensive bug out bag list should be able to help you understand how exactly you are to keep yourself on your toes in case any emergency situation arises which can be anything from a natural disaster to a sudden evacuation.

Bug out Bag list

Extensive resources have been used to understand the purposes and then prepare a list of different kinds of bug out bags that may come handy in different situations. There are three categories of such bags – Small Everyday Carry (EDC), Medium Get Home Bag and Traditional 72 Hour or 3 Day Bug Out Bag. EDC is meant to give you the back-up for the emergency situation until you are able to access the more comprehensive BOBs. It can hold the absolutely necessary survival items and you should keep it with you at all times.

The Get Home Bag (GHB) is the second in the Bug out Bag list and this is meant to be stored in a safe place at work, car or school. This bag should be enough to get you to your home or the bug out location where you can have access to the 72 hours BOB. The three-day bag has enough space to store all necessary items you and your family may need if you are asked to evacuate your home and leave for a safer location.

Bug out bag checklist

Now that you are aware of the three kinds of BOBs which will help you stay prepared for any kind of emergency situation, you need to know what kind of items you should keep inside each of these bags. So, here is the bug out bag checklist. The EDC will have your survival tools, a change of clothes, purse, jacket, keychain, knife, important personal documents and survival food items such as energy bars, sugar, etc.

The GHB will have everything that you need to get you home from your workplace including different kinds of clothing items suited for all weather types, navigation tools, communication tools, water and water filtration or purification items, food, first aid and personal hygiene items, protection and safety items, and other miscellaneous items. The 72-hour BOB will have an extensive list of items which will be sufficient to keep you out of home for that amount of time including shelter or clothing items, lighting items, documents, communication, navigation, food, first aid and personal hygiene, safety and miscellaneous items.

It is important that you are aware of the bug out bag list and the bug out bag checklist so that you can prepare yourself for any kind of unwanted and unplanned situation.

The bug out bag list ( ) includes three kinds of bug out bags that can be prepared with the help of bug out bag checklist ( ).

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