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4 trending businesses to get your business off the ground in 2020

Author: Ali Khan
by Ali Khan
Posted: Dec 11, 2020

Do you want to find out which businesses are on the rise for 2020 and what are the prospects for the recovery of the economy?

This is an excellent idea.So, how about starting to know the businesses that are currently trending?

Business on the rise for 2020?The scenario has not been encouraging for entrepreneurs, but we are facing a possible turnaround for business in 2020.

If you want to start a company and have been waiting for a more favourable moment, this could be the perfect opportunity.

In November 2019, the government updated its GDP growth forecast to 2.32%, with a projection of inflation below expectations (3.26%), according to data from the Economic Policy Secretariat (SPE) of the Ministry of Economy published in Exame.

Along with the historic reduction in interest rates, a continuous decrease in country risk and the resumption of confidence, the recovery indicators are clear.

However, the growth of economic activities is still timid, and because of this, the business scenario on the rise in 2020 is not so different from 2019.

What matters at the moment is to identify the segments with the greatest potential, keeping an eye on trends and projections for the future.

Thus, you can see business on the rise for 2020 as a new chance to put together a strategy to get your company off the ground.

4 businesses on the rise in 2020Businesses on the rise in 2020 include options to make money in the crisis, in more resilient segments, as well as news with high growth potential.

See which ideas may dominate the market in the coming months.

1. Plant-based foodThe most recent Ibope survey, published in 2018 in G1, shows that 14% of the Brazilian population already declares itself vegetarian (30 million people).

At the same time, 55% say they are willing to consume more vegan products (without ingredients of animal origin).

To make vegetarianism more accessible, the concept of plant-based diet, or plant-based diet, was introduced, which introduces 100% vegetable foods in the daily lives of people who consume meat.

One of the recent phenomena that illustrates this trend is the development of meatless products in large chains, such as Burger King's "impossible burger" and the "Futuro Burger" newly arrived in Brazilian hamburgers.

Therefore, we are facing a cultural change in food - and whoever arrives first, can dictate the direction of this market.

2. Natural cosmeticsIn the cosmetics segment, the ingredients of natural origin are the trend of the time.

According to a survey by top dermatologist in islamabad in islamabad), published in the 2019-2020 Trends Notebook by Abihpec / Sebrae, this segment grows between 8 and 25% per year worldwide.

In Brazil, 41% of the population is interested in beauty and personal care products with ingredients of natural origin, according to a report by Mintel.

This category includes herbal products, vegetable oils and botanical extracts, which also include sustainable production methods and fair trade.

. In fact, many entrepreneurs in this niche start advertising their products on social media and with online stores in marketplaces.

3. Thrift storesYear in, year out, and thrift stores do not leave high business lists. But it is not surprising, because reusing the old instead of buying the new is a concept that goes well with times of shared economy.

Although it is a frequently encouraged market, there is still space for selling used parts, such as clothing. The main opportunities are in the online environment, being able to negotiate with people from all over Brazil looking for specific articles.

Proof of this is the success of Enjoei, for example, which grows 80% per year, according to data published in E-commerce Brasil.

4. Cutting and sewingWith the search for personalization and authenticity, the sewing workshops are coming back with everything. The sewing and sewing schools alone have already registered a 50% increase in students in 2018, according to Band's report.

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