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CRM software for small Business: Uses and Benefits

Author: Emma Stokes
by Emma Stokes
Posted: Dec 13, 2020

Often at times I get asked this question, why should we use a CRM. Well, this is a good question that can come into your retail and small business owners minds. When everything is going smoothly, there comes a time when you need to expand your business and scale it to higher levels. Managing customers is not a difficult task, but managing heaps or loads of customers can quite be challenging for small business. And this is what CRM systems help you to do perfectly.

In this article we will discuss the different uses and benefits of using a CRM or customer relationship management system for small and medium sized businesses.

CRM systems can help you manage your customer base quite effectively and efficiently. This happens because there is sophisticated software and actions that are running on the customer data at the back end. CRM systems can help you to manage and deal with the bulk of orders as well as complete the pending orders quickly and efficiently.

Lets have a look at the benefits of using a CRM system for small businesses.

There are various benefits that can come with using a CRM system. Here are the features and benefits that you should look out for.

Manage Customer Orders effectively:

This is the major and the top most benefit that can happen to you when you install and use a CRM system. Managing orders effectively is one of the major benefits that helps you to take care of your customer base and quickly provide you with a burst of revenue.Completing and dispatching orders is one of the core tasks of any CRM system and this is handled quite effectively. For example Field Force Connect can help you with order management and dispatch because as a business owner you are able to get a birds eye view of all of your orders and locate the actions that you need to do when these orders are in the pipeline.

As it helps you to take care of all your customer orders, in just a few clicks you will be able to get the bigger picture when it comes to managing and dispatching orders for your customers.

Detailed overview of customer pipeline:

This is another major benefit that CRM systems are able to provide small business owners with. CRM systems helps you to locate the exact position where your customers stands in the product buying process or cycle or pipeline. You will be able to ascertain how many customers have actually ordered and brought your product or service and if the product has reached the customer doorstep or not. It provides you with a broad way view of all of your customers whether they have brought your product or are interested in buying your products. This detailed overview is called as sales pipeline projection that helps you to check each and every customers position in the product buying process or cycle.

Robust customer relationship management:

This is another core task that is handled by any CRM system. CRM systems helps you to manage and deliver you robust customer relationships. CRM systems as the name suggests maintains the relationships that you have with your customers and helps you to preserve them for long terms. It is able to track each and every move that the customer makes when they first enter the sales pipeline. Robust customer relationship management is what you can expect with CRM systems and these systems helps to deliver you just that.

Detailed analytics and dashboards:

This is the feature that helps you to get an overall idea about how your customer relationship management is faring for your business. Field force connect provides you with detailed analytics and dashboards that helps you to get the bigger picture of your customers and your business. The dashboards provides you with various analytics and metrics to help you get the picture of your relationships with your customers.

24/7 support:

We know that many things can go wrong with software systems and hence to equip you to deal with issues that you may face with software, It is better to make use of 24/7 support systems that is provided to you by such CRM systems. You will be able to avail telephone, email and chat support systems so that you can get the easy resolution to any issues that you might face when you use the software.

Free Demo

Many software Crm system vendors provide their clients with a free time limited trial use of their CRM software so that their customers can get a feel of how the software is working for them. You will be able to use the full functionality of the CRM software for a limited amount of time so that you can make that decision to buy the software or not.


We have discussed the various benefits that CRM software has when it comes to small and medium sized business that operate in your country or city. If you would like to get a free demo then contact us at with your questions.

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