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Great Options for Alternative Therapy

Author: Lana Stewart
by Lana Stewart
Posted: Dec 16, 2020
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More and more people these days are looking at alternative therapies as a side effect free method of curing and healing various ailments. From anxiety and depress to sports injuries and sleep disturbance, alternative therapy has become the go to approach. Here we look at some of the popular therapies in 2020:


Now being used frequently by doctors in the Western world, acupuncture offers a holistic approach to health care. Very fine needles are inserted into different parts of the body which stimulate both muscles and nerves in the body and keep the body free from any blockages (Qi). This is said to keep the body health and free from disease. It is also widely used for other modern day ailments such as stress, tension, anxiety and depression.


Another common form of therapy, Tantra and tantric massage have become extremely popular now in the West. Originally conceived in South East Asia, many now practice Tantra and tantric massage as a way of life and living. Many people think of Stings famous revelations about his bedroom activities, although tantric massage is used for many other issues, ranging from anxiety to depression. Used in combination with the massage, those that practice Tantra properly will also use tantra breathing techniques and tantric meditation.


Another favourite that is used by a large percentage of the population in 2020, is aromatherapy. The various scents can be used in combinations to induce calm, relaxation and reduce stress among other things. One in particular that is also commonly used to help disturbed sleep is Lavender and Chamomile. As more people look for holistic approaches to a range of issues such as sleep, Aromatherapy offers a way to combat issues in a completely organic way.


Something that we picked up in Tantra, meditation in it’s own right can be a very valuable tool to seek mental clarity and focus. This can be particularly useful for both anxiety and depression, where people cannot break the cycle of negative thought for example. Again, meditation can be practiced alone or in a group, and has proved to be very popular.


Another favourite, hypnotherapy is used for everything from giving up smoking to conquering a fear of heights and a huge range of other problems. This therapy works by getting the client into a deep trance like state of relaxation. Once in this trance like state, the therapist is able to work on the various subconscious beliefs that you have and challenge these in a safe setting. Contrary to many television programmes, the person being hypnotized will always be in control for the duration of their session. There are also various methods that are used by different therapists, and it is really whatever style works for you.

If you think that alternative therapy could help you, then it may well be worth exploring some of these therapies in more detail. There really are countless success stories across the globe that have found alternative therapy to be extremely useful, and a better approach to taking medication.

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I am the founder of Aphrodite London Tantric based in West London. We are leaders in the field of Tantra across the London area.

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Author: Lana Stewart
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