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Sustainable Construction in Nepal

Author: Tansen Cement
by Tansen Cement
Posted: Jan 06, 2021

Kathmandu has recently gained notoriety as a "Concrete jungle". The idea of sustainable constructions seems to be getting buried into the idea of concrete reinforcement.

In recent years, as we start seeing the adverse effects of climate change, the conversations have shifted so much towards sustainability through the rhetorics like "eco", "green", or "smart". For people who understand it, sustainability embraces nature and the environment and its long-term endurance as a matter of concern for all of humanity.

The construction sector is especially capable of making significant contributions to these objectives, particularly considering the vast amount of raw material and energy resources required to produce and maintain the already built environment, not to mention the total emissions and waste generated throughout the entire use-cycle of physical structures and construction projects.

Some of the major methods to ensure sustainable construction include:

  • using renewable and recyclable resources
  • reducing our energy consumption and waste
  • creating a healthy, environmentally-friendly environment
  • protecting the natural environment and resources
Challenges of sustainable construction

Adopting sustainable construction methods is not an overnight process; there are many challenges to face, the greatest of which is the overall cost of the project. There will always be pressure on construction companies to cut costs wherever possible. The main concern is the fact that sustainable construction methods might cost an organization more.

There are two major things that go into sustainable construction: the materials that are used and the methods that are utilized for the project.


One of the best ways to practice sustainability in construction fields is through the materials that are being used. Bringing about a newer generation of stronger, lighter, and more sustainable building materials can help solve many problems that persist in the industry as well as push current practices to be more sustainable.

Try to mix in sustainable building materials like bamboo, recycled plastic, and laminated timber along with existing raw materials like the best OPC cement, sustainably sourced gravel and sand, etc.


Sustainable construction doesn’t have to be all about using the newest materials or the latest practices. You can also opt to utilize building methods that can enhance renewable and sustainable efforts. Things like controlling waste management, conserving energy, precise cutting of materials, and many more can contribute to improved sustainability.

Sustainability is an important topic of discussion for a variety of reasons, including a better quality of life and environmental quality. In many countries, sustainable construction is developing each and every day, with more demand for cleaner and greener spaces. While there certainly are challenges, the benefits involved with sustainable construction methods can create a pathway to a cleaner and greener future.

A new house popping up around the corner is a very common sight in Nepal. While we can’t do anything about the rapid urbanization, we can do something about the quality of the resources and the sustainability of the materials and methods used.

Tansen cement is proud to manufacture one of the Best Cement in Nepal. The manufacturing process of Tansen OPC Cement is monitored at all phases to ensure that only the best quality product reaches the consumer.

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Tansen cement is proud to manufacture one of the Best Cement in Nepal

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