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Everything Good And Bad About Ghostwriting.

Author: Marilyn Mange
by Marilyn Mange
Posted: Jan 14, 2021

As a writer, there are several ways that you can take in your career and different paths to specialize in; ghostwriting is one of those.

According to different marketing platforms, ghostwriters the "writers who make the material of others, taking the vision of their author, story or idea" and creating the right quality product that the client can call his own and publish on his own.

In ghostwriting, you would do the autobiographies, celebrity memoirs, novels, stories, and non-fiction e-books. Ghostwriting can also be done to do business writing too. You may have done some of the ghostwriting assignments, but business writing is quite different. You possibly would have written some speech for some VIPs or any community leader. Ghostwriting is just another service to offer to the clients.

There are some good things and bad things about being a ghostwriter.

The good things are:

The ghostwriters can easily earn while they pursue their own projects. You get paid for the services you provide when you forget about providing your by-line. Whilst doing your ghostwriting projects, you would have a lot of time to work on your own projects as well.

You can be assigned to write about anything possible, even if you've never done it. It could be the Vietnam war, a self-helping book, or home decorating. You will learn so much along the way. Do you love doing research and are open to learning about almost every different topic?

You don't need any special kind of requirement to join the ghostwriting field. According to a few sources, there no need for any advanced degree and special certifications to be a Professional Ghostwriter.

You won't be responsible for anything other than the writing you do. Once the project has been done, your responsibilities for it would also end. You shouldn't be involved in any other aspect of the project. You shouldn't be involved in the marketing or production. The writers are not to be concerned about public appearance and any interviews for promoting the books.

Once you have landed in the field, ghostwriting can be very lucrative. According to some sources, a fresh ghostwriter can earn about $10,000 to $25,000 per project, while a more experienced writer can earn more than $50,000 on a single project. Early assignment submission can lead to bigger and better-paying gigs.

There are bad things about the ghostwriting field, but here are some of them:

Firstly, you will have to work for someone else. That person would make all the decisions, for which sometimes you may agree or you may not. You will have to keep aside your ego and build up some tolerance to work with them, making you take a little control over the project.

There may be some stringent deadlines, and you might have to work for a few more hours than your normal working hours to meet the deadline because the author would have to publish the book to respond to the current events. If you do not meet your deadline, it will make the whole process late, and the author would tend not to pay you the agreed payment.

The work can sometimes not be fascinating, like the fact that most of the ghostwriters may already have covered a myriad of the topics, you will find those subjects too boring.

Before you keep your foot into the ghostwriting industry, you should consider the pros and cons of this field, that which of the conditions can you live with and which you cannot? You'll know which of them are deal-breakers!

It can get you so much help if you talk to or connect with a few established and experienced ghostwriters to learn about their experience when they first came to start into the ghostwriting field and what things they faced.

Despite these downsides, the ghostwriting field can be very satisfying in so many various ways to earn a fair amount of income just by writing or putting someone's thoughts to words, and pursuing your own passion, having the fun you wanted to have.

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Author: Marilyn Mange

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